Nov 17 • 1HR 12M

PWFM Special Supplement: A few ideas about sex for young men, their parents and their friends

This is part of the Tantra Studio series by Chiron Return, from the Nov. 17, 2023 edition of Planet Waves FM on Pacifica Radio.

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Eric F Coppolino
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Good evening. This audio presentation is part of tonight's Planet Waves FM. It's the discussion of an essay that I wrote this week with the help of several friends (linked from the post), intended to assist young men in navigating the fraught social and political climate of our times. I am curious your responses and suggestions, and those of the young men in your life. Comments are open to everyone. Thank you for participating. -
Photo credit: Book of Blue / New York sessions.

Dear Friend and Reader/Listener:

This one-hour (plus a little music) audio presentation is the introduction to an essay written by me with some help from my friends at Planet Waves. My original intent is to help men stay out of trouble in the fraught, verging on psychotic social and legal landscape in which we find ourselves now.

I’ve decided to offer a bit more, including what I hope is an outline of a cohesive philosphy of sex and sexuality. My friend Nadine wrote an additional essay that I’ve added, giving the perspective of a mother of two sons in their 30s. Merrie Sloan and Iva Veazey also contributed ideas.

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