We had a similar national alert via mobile phones here in the UK in early May this year. It was a flop. One mobile network failed to broadcast it, it didn't work for 3G phones, and most people I knew who had 4 or 5G turned their phones off just before it broadcast!

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Sep 29, 2023Liked by Eric Francis Coppolino

In Chicago recently - within just the past few weeks - there was an agency security exercise for a Radiation disaster of some kind.

I found that very odd/suspicious when I read the NotifyChicagoAlert email notifying me that would be happening.

I wasn’t downtown that day, so I don’t know what those agencies did with their exercises.

But I have personally felt like I have started to mentally prepare myself for some new “disaster.”

So, reading this article feels like a validation of my suspicion, in a sense. We’ll see.

Thanks for the great article, Eric.

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Oct 1, 2023·edited Oct 1, 2023Liked by Eric Francis Coppolino

Thank you for calling them out. Totally agree, We need to raise the Terrorist alert flag on THEM. Orange level? I'm turning mine off beforehand. I will not comply/consent.

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Sep 30, 2023Liked by Eric Francis Coppolino

You outdid yourself with this one. Thank you, as always.

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Thank you, dear Eric! Very very helpful article. When you mentioned that people are already so stressed out - "the next “pandemic,” the day they cannot buy food, their money to be disappeared from the bank, the internet to go out, to be evicted, to have a heart attack from the “covid” shots they got three years ago, or the one they got three days ago, and any diversity of events." I would add to the list NONSTOP GEOENGINEERING in the Sky as if they are trying to suffocate us and spray so much nanobots so each will be filled with them...plus, create an ecological crisis... There is a sense of hopelessness and worry. You might find this short but very insightful podcast interesting. https://sarahwestall.substack.com/p/important-frequency-information-covid?utm_source=post-email-title&publication_id=1456754&post_id=137469774&utm_campaign=email-post-title&isFreemail=true&r=z0xoi&utm_medium=email

Sharry Edwards, BioAcoustics Specialist, described the hidden messages in voices of people in the store, on the street as hopeless..people are so stressed.. Matches what you are saying too and we all are observing. I think the solution is to continue praying, talking to each other, supporting each other... we are closer to each other during these times as never before despite the digital distractions.. Talk to people in the store, playgrounds, schools, work, etc. Talking about the Evil, identifying it, helps us heal and fight... I believe...unites us...

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Sorry, was too busy posting this and other stuff over the last two days to comment. Eric, you NAILED it here.

"Meanwhile, I ask: what kind of emergency could possibly affect the entire country — all at once? Why would every phone, TV and radio need to be signaled with the same message at the same time? And can this wonderful system be hacked? If so, I have an idea. What could people possibly be told to do, in the event of an emergency? Socially distance? Put on a mask? Hide under their school desk? Head for the nearest abandoned cement mine? A Russian nuclear strike could reach the United States in 10 minutes. What are you supposed to do? Call for an Uber?…….

In my read, the whole point of this exercise is to stoke sadness, a sense of loss, and negative expectation. The government is reminding us that the lives we once knew are over. There is no freedom when a society is always in a state of shock and crisis. You might think of this event as another emotional tax being extracted from us; that’s exactly what it will be. Energy vampires, hard at work. They want their garmonbozia. So yeah, mischief is afoot."

The test IS the op. Not a prep for one, it is the op itself. A McLuhan- ism that's equivalent to "the medium is the message."

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A repeat of Orson Welles 1938 radio play about a Martian Invasion ?

Most people missed the intro, thus thought the 'Invasion" was happening...

Many most likely wont have heard of the 'test' - confusion and panic will reign...

There'll be those who run for the cellar to hunker down in Fear,

Others will rush to the nearest Recruitment Centres to sign up

to go fight the critters, or Russians, or Chinese, or the governments #1 Enemy 0f The Day..

(I'll throw in 'deviants', and 'perverts' - as it seems most Americans think such are behind everything that is Wrong with the Country)...

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I hate spell-check,

My previous post should have read, imagine the chaos if cell phone communication was abrupted not abruptly

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Well connected dots Eric!

Can you imagine the chaos if cell phone communication was abruptly by this event?

Most people don't own or even know about a landline nowadays.

Your instincts are worthy of concern due to the history we have come to know.

I pray you are wrong.

Nothing has been mentioned of this date in Australia, so I am assuming that only the US will be affected.

I so love your Astrology mixed in with political observations, your podcasts are like sitting with an old friend over coffee.

Let's hope that the message which Mercury is bringing wipes the scales from the eyes of the many, and they can see reality at last.

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Thank you for this writing. Some people are talking about the graphene that has been said to be found in the jabs will be activated to do something awful. The craziness. And in 2014 we had the Ebola outbreak. Ukraine and Crimea.

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Still reading, and I haven't listened yet. I was just speaking with my massage therapist tonight about this kind of thing ( Operation Gotham Shield for example).

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FYI the video for 2014 event is not available.

Whatever it was, you must have been over the target. 🤣

Both your audio and written pieces contain excellent analysis and much food for reflection.

Thank you. ☸️

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