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Hi Eric, maybe this could help some if the curious........I came across this many years ago and I think it was from Jonathan Cainer.....the start of a lifelong journey.

Do you know much about astrology?

Astrology is the most ancient of esoteric science, having been practised by civilisations throughout the ages. Royalty and government rulers used it extensively as a guide to their important deliberations and decisions. It is mentioned many times in older editions of the Bible, especially in the Old Testament. Astrologers were often referred to as “The Magi” – wise ones who practiced “the magic” of the stars.

There is a saying attributed to philosopher Hermes Trismegestus – “As above, so below”. As it is in the heavens, so it is within each one of us. We each have a universe within and developing an understanding of the archetypal themes and issues associated with the stars and planets can open many pathways to greater understanding and higher consciousness. Each of the planets and the zodiacal sings contains a force, energy current. These energy currents transmit their waves, or beams, to all within their sphere of influence. For example, the Sun transmits its radiating warmth and light, the Moon moves our tides, Mercury brings ideas and Mars stimulates action. These forces bombard us daily. Humans react to these forces in different ways depending on their personal energetic blue print. The blue print is created at the exact moment of birth and our birth chart is the representational model.

We carry the archetypes of the signs and the planets in our personal energetic matrix, to differing degrees. Each one of us has Aries energy within, Each one of us has Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and so on through the twelve signs of the zodiac. It’s as if we each have the same ingredients in our internal energetic “cake mix” but some of us have a cupful of one ingredient and miniscule amounts of other ingredients. So, we are a lot more than our Sun sign.

It is through developing an understanding of the cosmic forces, and then using them consciously and wisely, that we create lives of abundance and joy. Astrology provides us with the tools not only to tell us what the energies were at our birth, but also those that impinge upon us now, and in the future. A study of astrology will take you on a journey into self-understanding, self-discovery and self-empowerment. As you apply the teachings to your life you will develop greater objectivity as well as becoming more compassionate and loving. Your life will transform for the better.

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