Thank you so much for the passion you bring to discussing our space rocks! All million and counting of them...

Wanna know a secret?

I think our Sun is spitting out these new bodies all the time. I think Jupiter makes it's many moons as well. I think galaxies give birth to new, baby galaxies. The people who follow the current paradigm, those I call "the big, black hole bangers" think the thing's they see are collapsing due to gravity. I think they're likely very, very wrong! They're seeing things bassackwards. It's not "hot gas" but electricity! It's not empty space, but aether!

Anyways, I have felt current cosmology/astronomy is way off base and the theorists should have taken some psylocibin first! It's not empty, cold, and dead out there, but alive and full of wonderous thing's we've yet to ken.

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That Prince reincarnation may be born with Sun square Neptune. That would be fun. lol

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