Terrific explanation of your evolution. I often think that people,coming here for the first time, cannot comprehend the mix of astrology with investigative journalism.

Let’s face it. You are unusual on many levels. No pigeonholing possible. I know of no one like you. But I am ever grateful for the refuge you offer; especially during the past three years. It kept me and many others in this community sane.

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"Pattern recognition"

I believe we are lucky to have Eric, and I am glad I found his writings.

My latest heroes come in at about 90% at best. They don't have to be perfect.

Cautiously appreciative.

Thanks Eric!

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Hi Eric. I have just started on the Astrology path. I was led the the start of the path by yourself and also by learning about cell salts and their link to the zodiac. I have a question to start things off. Do the signs of the zodiac move along by a month with the dawning of a new sign at the spring equinox. Ie. Would a child born on 21 April (Taurus under Pieces) be an Aries after precession to Aqurious?

Many thanks Eric. Im still very early on my astrology journey, and like youself, thought is was baloney for a large portion of my life, before my awakening.

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I was always advised to ignore horoscopes published in newspapers. Interesting that Patric Walker triggered your journey into this subject. I am not an astrologer but have been reading articles on the subject for over 40 years now. Used to read the Astrological Magazine published by B V Raman when he was alive. From there picked up articles by K N Rao and later his videos. Have tried to understand the concepts as explained by Maharishis like Mihira Muni.

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I have been reading you for years and love the depths of your insight, but as a layman find your readings too clinical to easily understand. Would you consider a supplemental version where the reading does not contain all the technical aspects? I can understand when you say things like "because this planet is squared with this planet, this energy will be strong," stuff like that....but when you get into the degrees and very technical aspects of the reading, I get lost and exhausted trying to understand what you're saying, then will just skim through the rest and try to glean what little sense I can make of it. I hope I said that clearly, I love your readings but they blow my mind!! Thank you for all your hard work and the energy it takes you to produce so much important information. I think your insight is spot-on and I do value what you write, even if I don't fully understand it! :-)

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Certainly an adept astrologer and journalist whose prolific outpourings continue to inspire.

I myself was a great admirer of the late Patrick Walker whose Daily Mail column resonated greatly and when Jonathan Cainer took his place he managed almost but not quite, imho, to do the impossible.

I wholly agree with your take on the impact of the digital age which is why in my own humble attempt to introduce astrology to the 'unenlightened' I have abandoned social media in favour of personal interaction on a community level albeit I am not as educated as your good self - I only know of Sylvia Plath for instance because her grave is within close proximity (certainly by American standards) of my flome (floating home).

My support for your work at this time is limited to sharing your articles in the hope that you will gain additional subscribers to support your laudable efforts.

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