"A current meme is that nothing is true. No science is true. No history is true. Everything is a lie. Everything is a scam. Everyone is trying to get over on you. Gravity is a hoax, outer space is a hoax, the Earth is a stationary plane around which the entire universe orbits, we are living inside of a simulation and the universe itself is a hoax — and there are people making videos about that every day."

Don't trust your eyes and the senses and the evidence which have repeatedly provided which have led people to believe for thousands of years that the earth is round. Trust the latest "woke" dogma.

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" Given the way things are going — mentally and spiritually — it’s fair to admit we are in an impossible situation. But it takes some courage to say that out loud. "

Well, yeah, i've been living beyond hope and despair for at least a decade now. Living on, because resistance is the only ethical response to this situation.

Nice to see photos of the Hudson Valley. 60 years ago today, i left it, after a summer of being there in a leadership training camp (approaching the age of 16) and went back with my parents to our New York City home. I was never the same as i had been before i came up. For that, i'm thankful.

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