I am late posting here, but I wanted to add how appreciative I am of Eric's stunning (and that is not hyperbole) photography in his articles. The landscapes in this post are so evocative and have layers of meaning. Beautiful.

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"We basically get two choices: digital fascism, or group initiation. That means we become prisoners of the digital environment, or we evolve into freedom together.

We have had a taste of what digital can do (a global lockdown resulting from a computer-generated sequence, falsely called a virus, named MN908947, for example). But we ain’t seen the most impressive manifestations of digital, which already have many people convinced we are living in a simulation and that everything that ever happened was a hoax, from the Beatles to the tragedy of the atomic bomb.

What these pseudo-revolutionaries are not saying is that the entire human race is rigged up through an artificial nervous system that encapsulates the globe. What they are not saying is that to simulate human thought, experience and creative output is to indulge hubris and court the kind of disaster we refer to when we talk about Atlantis."

Very well-stated, sir!

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Thank you for bringing the digital dangers to the forefront. The imenent danger of AI is being lost on most. The AI large language model has been based on FBI book,Google searches, and the rest of social media. Hence the rigorous sensoring and deplatforming of anyone who posts anything that goes against the depopulation agenda. There is very little time left to correct the direction that the powers that shouldn't be have led this technology in. All the large language models have been "taught" the lies of the climate hoax, vaccine safety and so on. It is only logical to understand that AI will have an anti-human agenda purposely baked in the cake. The only thing, we as a species, can do is to post as often and as much as is possible, to mainstream platforms in order for the models to get some truths to counter act the anti-human agenda. Trying to limit the toxins we ingest and as you stated, teaching our children well, going into nature daily, barefoot grounding and posting the truth on all things protective of our species are the things we must do in order to survive. Time is short on the AI thing. Please spread the word on this. There is no other choice. Thanks Eric, for all you do! You are appreciated more than my words can express!

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Health is a huge issue for me this year

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Would this qualify in humanity meeting technology?

Is Microsoft SECRETLY Harvesting Your Energy RIGHT NOW? w/Todd Callender

He bring receipts as usual.


My first encounter regarding it, but not to this extent.


The world’s first artificial womb facility, EctoLife, will be able to grow 30,000 babies a year. It’s based on over 50 years of groundbreaking scientific research conducted by researchers worldwide.

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An excellent summation of the upcoming year's trends. I especially appreciate your bringing in the Centaurs. Eric, do you teach a course on the Centaurs?

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All of this a big deal! 💕 it!!

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