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I had a dream last night that I was at Saint Francis Cathedral and it was the oldest church in my state. Interesting I didn’t know it was Saint Francis day.

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As a kid, I remember the rake across chalkboard alerts that interrupted radio and TV programing from time to time. “This is a test of the emergency broadcast system…” I suppose those were done on a more regional, state or city based basis. I am not sure. But yes! Alien invasion was my first though when you asked, “What situation would require alerting the masses all at the same time?”

I hadn’t thought of a digital currency emergency though. Even if we don’t partake in the cryptocurrency world, essentially our money is digital and has been for some time unless of course you are the kind of person who crams dollars into your socks or has a stash of cash under your mattress or in your ice box. Yes, the icebox was my sister’s bank account for awhile in her early adulthood!

As for eclipses, I was in Greenville, South Carolina for the August solar eclipse in 2017. It was one of the prime locations to be to see the eclipse as it wrapped up in the Carolinas. Such an eerie liminal experience! I have a photo of the little crescent shapes created on the sidewalk.

And yes, the trajectory of the upcoming eclipse is interesting.

Happy Critter Day and Feast of St. Francis!

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Agree this will be the “alien invasion” false flag event.. they’ve been prepping for this a long time.. I’ve been dreaming about it lately. Or the latest virus lockdown... thank you Eric for your work! My critters say hello on St Frances Day

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Digital society does condition important aspects of being human out of us, YES! . Lose the idea of how to be social, check. Lose to sense of personally relating to other humans being, check. But lose the ability to conduct .. commerce with each other? Since when was "commerce" an innate part of being human?

Adam Smith did say humans are born to truck and barter. He was projecting from his era. No evidence of humans engaging in anything like deliberate commerce before the centralized city states which arose 6-8000 years ago. No exchange relations within tribers (hunters/gatherers, foragers, permaculturists, herders,,,), and exchanges of incidental surpluses between tribes do not constitute "commerce," the surpluses were not deliberately created to be exchanged.

What is human, on the other hand, is being able to act on social matters, stuff which impacts the community as a whole. The word "idiot" originally came from Greek, meaning "a private person," one who abstained from participation in the affairs of the polis, the community. By the 1980s in the US, "idiot" came to mean someone who participated in these affairs, didn't know better than to keep to private matters.

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This topic reminded me of growing up in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, a country that no longer exists. In order to learn if the system was working, they activated the anti-nuclear attack sirens once a month. Of course, each of us was expected to drop everything we were working on and go to the hideout or wherever we were directed. My generation who were in elementary school at the time found it all interesting, until we realized that it was just training and nothing real was happening, so we could pass the time either walking home from school or measuring the streets in own neighborhood.

When we were in high school, we started studying a subject called General National Defense, where we were taught to put on gas masks, that LSD and other drugs are a form of warfare, and that in the future war will be conducted through the media and with biological hazard material. This was in the eighties.

Little did we know then that Yugoslavia itself would implode from nationalism, the opponents of the then system and of course external forces, that the weapons that the army had would be used in ethnic cleansing in the war in Bosnia, that sirens would be used in a fratricidal war and that the nineties would be marked by such a bloody war not seen since the Second World War or something similar to what is happening in Ukraine today. Belgrade, the former capital of Yugoslavia, was rocketed and bombed in 1999 with cluster bombs and depleted uranium, and this happened 442 km from my hometown of Skopje.

And now what was I going to say? The generation that systematically studied the subject General National Defense is the generation that laughed at the outbreak of the pandemic in the sense, yes, here is the global war, but no, I'm not going to get vaccinated. I know, I learned this in high school. Yes, we have learned the ways of controlling and manipulating the general population, the ways of modern warfare, although we are not excluded from it. Older generations that were not systematized in this way did not have this protection, very important, this very valuable information vaccine. That doesn't mean we didn't get sick, but that we got through the flu like a normal flu and were back on our feet in ten days, laughing.

Regarding the internet, I prefer not to have the internet turned on on my cell phone, because it's a big mess for me. A lot of buzz, a lot of information. Most of all I want to read all the news and information through the PC. Yes, you may not be as competitive as others, but at least you have peace of mind, you can ask yourself what your name is and get an answer. To hear your own voice. I don't have to be available non-stop and always and for everyone at all times. I value my own time.

I hope the message is conveyed well because English is not my mother tongue anyway. I'd like to highlight the moment between 19 and 20 minutes into the podcast.

Happy Name Day!

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Well it is 10/5, and I haven't heard of anything happening in the US yesterday, however, today Russia is running the same drill as FEMA country-wide, so are they connected?

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Thank you and happy Saint Francis day! In my dream we were using cheap parts to fix cars 🤣🤣 a little history for you: https://theclio.com/entry/43358

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Hi Eric, what about if the gov’t falls? (1/6 for example), or if another country declares war on us?, or if there is a huge natural disaster?

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Interesting topic! Happy St. Francis Day, Eric!

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