Hello Eric,

As I scrolled down and the image of Artemis in the Quarry by Gaia (located on Crown St) came into view, I first thought it was an image of Queen Elizabeth 1.

I had just viewed a video earlier today (https://youtu.be/qn-5aOdaOxw?feature=shared) which showed a ton of paintings of QE1 and her large lace ruffs (https://historicalbritain.org/2013/07/22/elizabethan-ruffs/).

I'm always amazed at the synchronicities that happen between my daily life and something I read or listened to from PlanetWaves. (I don't comment enough when there is a synch.) Usually when something synchs up, I find further connections.

Here's a connection between Artemis and Elizabeth (https://www.rmg.co.uk/stories/topics/symbolism-portraits-queen-elizabeth-i) as well as a link between quarry and Elizabeth (https://www.livescience.com/ship-discovered-from-queen-elizabeth-reign).

We have the NASA Artemis moon mission(s). Hmm.

And how about the connection between Gaia and the rare earthquake in QUEENs today? (: Jennifer/Sun in Gemini

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Dear Eric Francis,

I have been a reader and follower of yours since about the year 2000. In that time I have mostly been a subscriber. My political views are usually similar or in the agree to disagree category.

I should tell you I am 79 and mostly deaf so can’t hear your broadcasts. I understand that no one writes columns or if written, bothers to read anything more than 3 paragraphs these days, so is there some way subtitles could be added ? (15% of people in US are deaf)

The emails I’m reading lately tell me I’m a free viewer so must pay up to read further. My credit card says I am a $115. Member. When I sign on no account is listed…

I was reading on Substack but cancelled my membership due to the frequent spamming from them about other bloggers on substack, which becomes the advertising you abhor.

What to do? Your astrology work is the best I’ve known, but IT … the IT … is taking over.

Happy New Year, let’s not be strangers,

Kristy Pokorny

These are my various user names and emails,

Agatha Kristy

agatha kristy




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