Activating Sappho (26 Taurus) today 5/31/23 conjunct Diana…

Astrology is my vehicle of love. The importance of its role can be explained by the asteroid Urania (governs astrology) and its placement the day I incarnated. Upon the first breath, the moon transited 12 degrees Aquarius. That day, the asteroid Urania - … was at 12 degrees Aquarius.

I live, breath, eat, sleep, think, touch, imagine astrology, all day, every day. With the gifts of intuition and inner guidance it is effortless to plummet into the inner planes, the hidden depths within all beings; it is my passion.

I enjoy the enhancement of the abilities of loving, ferreting out the inner needs of beings (Aquarian) their hopes, wishes dreams and desires (if only for that moment,) and arrive at methods to actualize secrets of inner awareness, strengths, and powers. The ability to reach the inner (often un- tapped part of) self and ALL other humans, (applicable with all forms of energy) was clearly what I was born to do. That, with most of my life studying God, in His many forms, and living higher principles of love ( 9th house sun) I am able to traverse with several vehicles ( astrology being the major) the inner realms, steering through the inner beings of others like intergalactic travel, to the depths of their essential holy being, and sometimes when I am lucky, I have protracted and involved communion with a dog, a cat, a plant, a snowflake or an ocean.

With great admiration, I observe astrologers who are masters of the outer planes, the in depth reading of the movement of the cosmos, the brilliant analysis of the effects and impact on the masses, the collective. I wish I knew more about that, perhaps one day it will come, suffice it to say, my brilliance is the inner landscape, the “astrology of the Soul,” or as I fondly refer to my work ~ the ability to decipher and attune myself to the DNA of one’s Soul.

Many, many astrological charts are analyzed for the sake of comparison. Intuitive glimpses of the inner working of the being are gleaned. For example, observing the charts of individuals with extreme numbers of what would be called “points of tension” (squares, oppositions, and sometime conjunctions) is fascinating. I do believe that the entire chart must be taken into consideration to gauge the beings’ level of spiritual advancement and integration; their ability to process the combined energies especially “points of tension”.

Very advanced spiritual students integrate squares and oppositions differently, to their advantage, and with the skill of a master tactician, they utilize the power in the square, conjunction, or opposition to go above and beyond to a higher octave of proficiency of the energies with the aspects and planets, often more so than those with easier aspects of the same energies. I have found the charts of great spiritual alchemists to contain the hardest of aspects as the being must master those aspects to assist in the healing of others.

I believe, one must master one’s self on inner journeys before being qualified to lead others inside. The key is fearlessness, and unequivocal personal responsibility. In so doing, I consider myself an “Inuit in a snowstorm” for others, I can tell them where to look, and if they so choose what to see.

The elements of integration are apparent when ALL the inner processes are assimilated and considered through objectivity. How the ever-changing landscapes of “outer” energies activate the inner processes of the being or beings makes life as an astrologer a never ending, ever exciting pursuit of knowledge and love… always love. I am so grateful to live my passion.

A specialization in relationship astrology, i.e., Synastry, allows me to peer into the depths of one being, often to places they do not even know exist and know exactly how to properly guide them through “mixtures” of energies with another and show how ever-present compassion and understanding and the endless use of the higher self of love operates to transform relationships. Astrology’s role is as a conduit of understanding compassion, empathy and love, great forces of the inner universe.

Relationship astrology – a fervent passion for decades, I believe in love’s ability to transform, I recently found a flyer I used to advertise my services from many, many years ago. It made me chuckle,


— Linda Hope

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Astrology, she is a very colourful, always facinating friend, a teacher and lovely travel compagnion here on spaceship EartH. She gives awareness of the many changes of feelings that seasons can give.

Looking for the real planets in the changing skies has had much of my attention.

It befriended me with the Night, the joy of being awake outside while silence and sleep covers the cities.

I love to see how the constellations and the Zodiac slowly show up over the rooftops changing all the time...like meeting old friends after a year not seeing them.

When I first started reading and hearing friends talk about the many kinds of astrology I was surprised to discover that 'personal qualities', or tendency's are seasonal unpersonal and what seems 'Out of the Blue' actions can be so predictable by the many handles of the celestial 'clock'. How come all that seems unique was so general to all humans? It connected me to questioning and curiousity.

From the Sabian Symbols by Elsie Wheeler, the 3 mothers, 7 Double and 12 Simples in the Sepher Yetsera to the many many names of the 28 places of the moon in Arabic, Chinese, Mayan cultures they are all astrology that shape my attention.

Then later it felt a great relief to find out that progressions of Sun or Moon have different flavours in different parts of the sky at different times. The change I felt when my natal Sun arrived in a first place and in leo, after the 30+ years of hanging around in the 12th in Cancer, was such a delight, after a long practice in the Art of Patience and of course it brought a lot of confusion for those who 'Know' me.

The map of the Solar horoscope I use for an early warning system on what to take into account or to remember...

For daily use and the moon VOC, I made myself a pocket efemiris, creditcard size, from folding over photocopies of the12 months, covered by a recycled Merry, Happy New Year card.

Your short question, Eric, can take me light years to answer...

'Dreams are the key to the Universe', written by Icelandic geologist Helgi Pjeturss speaks about some other connections to the stars, a Timeless AstroLogical one.

See you later,


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Hi Eric,

My birthday is the day of enthusiastic belief. Which is a strong element in my life and it has taken many forms, for better and for worse. If one looks at the larger context of my life and refer it back to the issues in the natal chart, there have been some severe pitfalls which astrology missed. Completely.

I'm in my second set of Chiron in my Sun sign at the moment, the first being when I was 8 years old until about 15 years. Very important years in the setting up of a life, but those years for me were a disaster in the sense of the visible issues in life. Of course, natal astrology concentrates on year one and then whatever year you happen to start going to astrologers as an adult. So that early life train wreck, together with major life incidents at 2.5 years and cycles of progressions to my moon Uranus connection, completely fell through the cracks of the rigid framework of natal astrology as it is mostly practiced.

It wasn't until my own Chiron Return that the grand delusion of such frameworks began to crack, and I could see that parts of the chart which had never been discussed or dealt with, were actually vital to the navigation of the life which the chart is supposedly representing. That was also a remorseful time as I very much felt failed by astrology itself.

Then I looked into matter further for a variety of reasons. I came across your work, which led to Eris, which was the missing link in the BDSM practices of my life. BDSM is always... always dumped on Pluto. Pluto is certainly in the mix, but it's really about Pluto, the Centaurs and Eris. Which has been vital information for me in the writing of my books. Which books also, by the way, contain a framework for what's gone missing in Astrology and where it might just go in the future.

Astrology should be about the journeys of the Soul and the needs of the Soul Urge - the desire field of the life if you like. If it's anything like the ultimate divination framework that it purports to be, that's what it's doing. But it seems to get continuously caught up in the particular social delusions of any one time and place. So the heart of it is not there, or barely there. Which, given that it's one of the oldest of the divinatory arts, is doubly disappointing.

Currently, astrology is completely gynocentric and wrapped in its own self-importance. That recent Venus High Council situation is a good example. The woman who presented on Eris might as well have been Andrea Dworkin and your mate Daniel Giacomo (?) is equally entrenched in the centuries of Patriarchy and all of history is about the oppression of women trope. Go there if you want to, stay there if you must, but what exactly are they selling is the question.

What is missing is clearer. How does Eris work in a man's chart? Ditto Venus. Ditto Chiron. How does the telluric spirit of Capricorn and Saturn function in a working class life? What the hell is going on with the moon association with the mother being matters unmentionable? Where in a chart is the gay in a gay man? What do you do with a person of Chinese heritage, because they are not Soul centric, but they are highly mother orientated and they worship ancestors? I've heard nothing but chirping crickets from astrologers on such issues. Meanwhile is it Sedna with the 11,400 year orbit? It's back to where it was when civilisation started, which is a pretty fundamental point one would assume. Is it behind the phenomenon where everyone in Western culture is being schooled to hate their own civilisation? Is the Venus High Council looking at that? Is anyone?

Natal astrology has become a crock, it's lost its own plot in its own strictured precision. The joke is that if ask 10 different astrologers about something, you'll get 11 different versions of the same answer. There are stand-outs. You are one. You are the 11. There seems to be no cure for this problem but the realms of Homeopathy might give a clue, because they still diagnose on an exploration of the lives of the individual. They use a database, the Materia Medica which gathers case studies from many different individual cases from many different practitioners. It's searchable. It works. Perhaps we need to build a Materia Astrologica?


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Every morning over coffee I check the ephemeris and note the progression of the planets. I schedule things like important conversations or contractual matters around it. And now I garden with astrology. Astrology is also an important tool for.looking backward in life now.that I'm older. Noting when aspect patterns took ace in the past and how I responded then helps me move more gracefully into new responses to the same patterns. I also read a few astrologers.besides anet Waves, including Philip Lindsay and Pamela Gregory. So for me astrology is fertile ground for a creative life grounded in muth and psyche.

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Astrology has been ever-present in my life at increasing levels of depth and complexity since I was in my early teens. It really helped me direct my life and make decisions ( I have 5 planets in Libra). I became serious though when my son was born. (Scorpio, Leo rising and Taurus moon). I was going to need all the tools I could muster so I signed up for a course. Best decision that I ever made. I haven’t looked back. Family dynamics became a lot easier to navigate as a result. Astrology has remained a fascination and passion ever since.

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I heard it was a great way to get chicks.

My brother is into it big time, and advertised for a mate on the side of his van, looking for a girl to “complete his 21 blackjack”, using numerology.

They were all “busts”.

It’s more of a novelty for me.

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Most often, I use astrology much as I use a weather forecast- to plan ahead. This does require input from myself. If I consider that Pluto is going to be in my 7th house, or that my husband has a lot in his 12th house, the preparations for that come from within. Whether he delves into his 12th house material or not, I can know what's there and be on the lookout, create opportunities to best support the process. I can contemplate the state of my relationships and see how I might work on some skill-sets, or turn my project focus more towards utilizing the networks I have. Maybe my relationship with my estranged daughter will develop in some way. Astrology can give insights on coming events that have to do with one's own purpose and progress. Or insights into past events and experiences that better offer understanding and how to handle in future. Astrology is a way of understanding one's inner 'ecology' and the 'weather' of ourselves, and our roles in the 'ecology' outside of ourselves. ~

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Astrology puts ordinary issues into an esoteric perspective. Not that many people are interested in an expanded perspective. I am. Symbolism and the relationship of symbols explain a lot about the energy that creates our reality.

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I think the mythology of the sky clock ancient use of astrology as a means of making sense of our human evolution is beyond fascinating. I have used guides who have deeper knowledge of it to check in about all kinds of themes in my own life- as well as on a collective level. If found it especially comforting during "Covid" and making sense of what was happening at deeper levels than what could be discerned at a surface level. I wish I had more access to easy ways of using it and understand it.

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I have recently noticed a shift in myself and have started to observe the subtle effects of it in other people. I have learned to know when to take action and when to step back and let go of control. I check in every day with the universe, even though I may not fully understand it. It's like learning a language - I may not be fluent, but I can understand the basics and pick up on subtle cues.

Astrology is similar to this experience for me. I learned it as a child in German, and although I am not as fluent in it anymore, I still have a sense of the dynamics involved. It's like understanding a language that is not your own - you may not understand everything, but you can pick up on the essential elements and make more informed choices.

I recently had an interpersonal relationship that required me to step back and observe before taking action. I noticed a dynamic change and realized that I needed to wait until the transits had passed before taking action. I have come to learn that even if I don't believe in astrology, it still affects me.

I have learned to balance my power and ego with sensitivity and awareness. I won't impose my standards on others, but I won't be stomped down either. I have agency and I use it to make informed choices about my actions.

I have recently realized that I had been neglecting my own needs and not having enough fun. I have since made time for fun and have customized my relationships to fit my needs. I am still learning and transmitting what I have learned to others.

In summary, I have become more self-aware and intuitive, and I am learning to balance my power with sensitivity and awareness. Astrology has taught me to observe the dynamics of the universe and make informed choices.

Have studied thrice with Antero Alli’s books and materials, with courses Astrologick and XA- Experiential Astrology. Should post more and log on to such forums more- though need to assimilate more before I feel I can articulate it well enough to be of value to others. It works for me, and maybe, just occasionally, others too.

My basics are middle aged and happily so:

Cancer 🌞 Scorpio ⬆️ Libra 🌛

Vesta- Juno- Mars heavy Grand Trine Earth Landing/ birth time

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I've been interested in astrology since elementary school and started casting charts (the old-fashioned way) when I was about 17. Aside from a deep-seated love of the nighttime sky, it was the logic of the system of astrology and how it connected to people I knew, the elements, seasons, etc. that first drew me in. It wasn't until much later that I understood how helpful astrology could be in understanding personal strengths and weaknesses, the meaning of life events (through transits), etc. (and those of friends). My self-understanding and astrology are so closely woven together that I don't think they could be separated.

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Astrology has had an indelible mark on my life. In an astrology reading in the last few years, I was asked a question. "What happened to you when you were eight years old?" The astrologer also alluded that what had happened to me had to do with dark family secrets. This led me on a quest to find the truth about what happened to me and in the course of this kept notes because this was the material for my book The Theory of 8. I used different psychics, healers, card readers, and even more astrologers and my own intuition and personal knowledge to help me unravel my story. My story led me to two past lives. Both epic and unassumingly connected. The first lifetime I was Enkidu from "The Epic of Gilgamesh" and the other lifetime was that of American Revolutionary Thomas Paine and they are connected by way of the Freemasons, which is also connected to this lifetime and what happened to me when I was eight years old. Freemasonry originated in the times of Enkdiu and Gilgamesh in which I find out a lot of different unknown things during my investigation about the two - one of which is that they were code writers that were working on the Matrix of Creation, which is composed of sacred geometry and most likely has a component of astrology. Paine on the other hand had been investigating the Freemasons and wrote a book "On the Origins of Free-masonry". My Great Grandparents and Grandmother were involved in the Freemasons and Eastern Star in which I was used in their activities child pornography, prostitution, and rituals all of which I do not recall because I was hypnotized and had black magic used on me to forget. I had no inkling of this prior to my reading with the astrologer that had asked me "What happened to you when you were 8 years old?" It has completely changed my life and my perspective of humanity and the world we live. Thank you Eric Francis for your contributions to the world as you are truly gifted and talented astrologer and writer. Bravo!

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I have a little experience with astrology. I have had my chart done twice and found it interesting but have not done much studying since. I tend to believe that our place in the universe does affect our emotions and I am interested in the idea of the Yugas and our solar systems movement through the universe.

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Astrology showed me that there are many more clocks ticking than the one on our wrist watch and cellphones. if you pay attention to these clocks they will teach you a lot

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I read horoscopes for fun. I don’t believe them half the time. If the reading is bad, I quickly forget it.

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I know very little about astrology, but find it somewhat interesting ... but I really don't see how the planets can have set my course in life. Or I should say I don't really believe that. But I do see some resemblances in myself to descriptions of my "sign" and other influences of the constellations that were assembled when I was born. But always take it all with salt ... because "How?"

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