I feel happy to hear so much about Chiron and other Centauri, thank you Eric!

Nice to know that the nearest Star to our Sun is called Proxima Centauri !

(from internet:

'Proxima Centauri is the star that, as the name also indicates, is closest to the solar system: 4.25 light years away. Translated from Latin, the name means "the closest to (the constellation) Centaur".

Interest in our neighbouring Alpha Centauri star system has been particularly high since the recent discovery of an Earth-mass planet, known as Proxima b, orbiting the system’s third star — and the closest star to the Sun — Proxima Centauri. While the system’s larger stellar pair, Alpha Centauri A and B, appear to have a proper motion on the sky that is very similar to that of the smaller, fainter Proxima Centauri, it has not been possible to demonstrate that the three stars do actually form a single, gravitationally bound, triple system.

Now three astronomers, Pierre Kervella, Frédéric Thévenin and Christophe Lovis, have concluded that the three stars do indeed form a bound system. In the century since it was discovered, Proxima Centauri’s faintness has made it extremely difficult to reliably measure its radial velocity — the speed at which it moves towards and away from Earth. But now ESO’s planet-hunting HARPS instrument has provided an extremely precise measurement of Proxima Centauri’s radial velocity, and even greater accuracy has been achieved by accounting for other subtle effects...)

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I see Chiron as the healer. The wound that can not be healed is death, but that comes later. During your life, this life, Chiron in your Chart represents how you heal.

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