Eye of the Centaur and Spring Astrology Preview

We're approaching the rapids — a series of events that will accelerate progress, focus awareness and arrive with a touch of creative chaos. Chiron, the planet of healing, is at the center of events.

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Dear Friends Near and Far:

A series of cosmic events between early March and June will seem to pick all of us up and carry us downstream as if on a floating island. I think many will be looking in amazement, not making the connection to astrology.

This will happen even as an extremely rare total solar eclipse on April 8 streaks diagonally across the American continent from southeastern Canada to northern Mexico. The shadow will be cast across New England, through Indiana and Ohio, into Texas, Mexico and the Pacific Ocean.

The total solar eclipse in Aries conjunct Chiron will be visible along a narrow track stretching from Texas to Maine on April 8, 2024. A partial eclipse will be visible throughout all 48 contiguous U.S. states, eastern Canada and northern Mexico.

Could This Mean Something?

What could that possibly have to do with anything? What could it have to do with you? That is the topic of my spring reading, Eye of the Centaur.

Astrology speaks in symbols, and the symbols stand for something else.

At the core of the 2024 scenario is Chiron. Named for the creature who taught medicine to Asclepius, the god of medicine himself, Chiron’s astrological theme is healing through awareness. It represents crux points and crisis points — from which we emerge

Matters of medicine and wellness have (to put it mildly) dominated the news and our lives for the past four years. We have been in a nonstop cultural crisis. But where has the conversation really gone? Is anyone less afraid than they were in 2019?

What have you learned about yourself, and have you taken the lesson on board?

In Aries, the healing question is about the radical self-awareness that arrives with seriously asking the question, “Who am I?” This can be dodged for a while, but when it finally rises to the surface in pure form, you know it because your world vibrates.

This week and next, I’m recording a series of videos that focus on Chiron in astrology. My 12-sign spring reading, for all of the signs and rising signs, are 40-minute sessions that pick up where the Somewhere In Between annual readings left off.

Special Presentation Series on Chiron, including...

Then in part two, I will have an introduction to Chiron, a topic I’ve been studying and teaching since 1994. This will include three added videos:

— Introduction to Chiron (one hour, now published)
— Overview of Chiron through all of the signs (two hours, coming next)
— Chiron return in Aries reading for those born 1968-1976 (one hour)

The introduction to Chiron is already done, and new presentations will appear over the next 10 days or so.

I’ll also include a compilation of my written articles about Chiron. Note, this is the first stage of a wider series of projects related to Chiron as we approach the 50th anniversary of its discovery.

Chiron, to me, represents the potential to heal our souls from the chaos and fragmentation of the digital world, and to activate the wholeness-seeking instinct of the mind.

My Chiron bookshelf.

The Best Endorsement Ever

Through my process of preparing these readings, I’ve been in regular contact with my dear friend and colleague Melanie Reinhart. She’s the author of the soulful Chiron and the Healing Journey, and another of the best astrology books in existence, To the Edge and Beyond: Saturn, Chiron and the Centaurs.

Melanie, considered one of the top-tier masters of Chiron astrology, wrote recently:

“Eric's work will introduce you to Chiron and facilitate your healing journey. His astrology presentations are always brilliant and relevant, offering both deeply personal insights and also addressing our current social and collective processes, highlighted by Chiron's current position in Aries.”

Previously, she wrote:

“Eric has been deeply dedicated to astrology for decades, and his prolific work is based on the application of astrology to the living field of human experience — bringing awareness to the journey of deepening and awakening, both individual and collective. He engages with the full spectrum of astrological considerations, from the philosophical to the experiential, and I’ve been grateful for the many illuminating (and fun!) exchanges we’ve had down the years.”

And — I make this in-depth though highly accessible material available to you in as many ways as possible, currently, through Eye of the Centaur. This reading is included with the Backstage Pass. Subscribers and current customers, please write to cs@planetwaves.net for a 20% off promo code.

If you have any questions, please enter them in the comments. I’ll be happy to reply.

Thank you for your business and your trust.

With love,