Using this tool...that's the key concept here as the tendency is to let the tools use us. I mean, I present as evidence the dearth of excellence in the music I hear coming out of the system that only takes the slightest samples of human output and then hands everything over to the robot to make all the sounds. Acoustic drums with other people in the same room playing things that don't have any robot filters is a key joy these days. As with you the best internet to me is when it facilitates good work and satisfying parties. Charging fees for dinner parties thwarts the ethic of dinner party to an extent that it would be a deal breaker to me. I'm happy to still have enough friends that we just do things and enjoy our time building sounds and having conversations and good times with work harvesting the wonderful fruit of the trees only just now fading. Apples! Pears! Blueberries! Pumpkin seeds!

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I have been that person in groups for years. The one pointing out "hey, we don't all have to live like this." My pushing back at the status quo used to be taken more seriously by my peers in youth. I am disenchanted with how many folks just can't even bear entertaining the thoughts that we could be doing life so much differently. My insinuations to that are not welcome in conversations with many that I would have once considered openminded and radical people. (Much like Naomi Wolf,) I am finding that the "conservative libertarians" that I would have dismissed as a younger "liberal" are the alliances that are forging for me. (And much like NW, my progressive "friends" lament my "radicalization".) Did I say this already? When you ask the hard questions they don't hurt. Do you agree with Athena? You are considerate and nurturing and intentional about making a safe space that is not dogmatic. Those qualities make me think of my sweet Mama, a consummate Cancer. Gratitude to you love ball.

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It is our PostNord. Belonging to Danmark and Sweden, a merger since 2009, serving the nordic countries as A/S or AB.

Just recently I was informed through a letter in the "Kristelig Dagblad" written by the head of the "Analogstyrelsen", that our Folketing proudly has proclaimed to let free market forces regn:

From 2024 our Post server will be 100% privately owned. The letter was a copy sent around by like minded friends. At least there are attempts to hold on to basic analog ways to existence in this top digitalized state. Last year we went through getting rid of our "Nem ID" and had to get "Mit ID". It was kaos through many months. It turns out that approximately 25 % of the people did not comply. That's a lot. But it makes life very difficult. You can hardly buy anything through the internet and need help by friends, also to get in touch with official systems, commune, health etc. After a lot of thoughts I applied, but having no smart phone having a little device that makes it less "hot".

Just bevor: Opening my letterboks I found Kan Careys "Vision". "Starseeds" was sold out in the second hand stores I tried. I have written some pages down from "The Bird Tribe" in a diary from the early nineties. Not so long ago I looked it up.

Wishing you a beautiful day -

Thank you for being

Christiane Nina Horn

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Dear Eric, right now after listening, pain and tears well up, your words resonate deeply with my own experience. I seldom comment on anything I have been listening to on the net, because it is still bizar to have the computer in between.

First thing this morning while I was about to wake my body up with sound and movement, a friend phoned. She had spent hours on the net in order to find a link to contact our now privately owned postsystem, because they hold on to a delivery from US which is vey important for her. She only found out, because she took the initiative to track it. After hours of searching she found a link to address them by mail and there can go seven days to get a response. It feels humiliating for us, dedicated to spending one's time in contact with the natural world and what is around.

Thank you for your commitment!


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Venmo? After a dinner party?! People do that?

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Understood Thanks

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Om Ah Hung Eric,

Nicely put, as usual. You're welcome on Whidbey Isle, Seattle area,

don lashley

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