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Journey Without Distance: The spiritual crisis of our times. How to notice when something is missing.

Journey Without Distance: The spiritual crisis of our times. How to notice when something is missing.

We are in a moment so unusual and utterly transformative, few have noticed — except for the sense that there's something is amiss that defies easy explanation. Course in Miracles podcast e6.

This is Journey Without Distance, my occasional Course in Miracles podcast. The most recent edition was one week ago, on Sept. 18. The first edition was Aug. 21.

Photo by Danielle Voirin.

Dear Fellow Traveler:

It’s difficult to notice when something has gone missing. My initial plan for tonight was to discuss the role that relationships play in spiritual and personal development, and I may go there.

However, the general environment we are living in deserves commentary — a climate of constantly refreshed fear, division and distraction. There is also a massive chaos factor, and we need a central organizing principle. That is what A Course in Miracles strives to teach.

I’m going to try an experiment tonight — to remove the weekly horoscope from paywall but only announce it. here. Astrology the way that I do it is a spiritual endeavor. The Planet Waves horoscope is an extension of my personal journey without distance, somewhat using the language and metaphors of astrology.

The horoscope is the one “content stream” that supports all else at Planet Waves. For tonight’s mailing, I’ve lowered the subscription fee by 30%. If you can participate this way, I promise to continue providing the very best work I’m capable of. Well, I’ll keep doing it anyway.

Here is the document I reference at the end, with the quotes at the top.

Good to be with you tonight…

with love,

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