Hi Eric,

I would like to know if a Chiron Return can give a feeling of alienation in relation to a father? I haven’t been able to save him from the consequences of a self-destructive behavior, and now I’m in a moment of self-preservation in a new way…I have Natal Chiron (3rd house) in conjunction with Eris, both squaring my Cancer Sun (7th house) and my Capricorn Moon (1st house).

Also, Eris is now transiting the cusp of my 4th house in Aries, could this be the energy that is pushing me to retreat, to divorce from emotional systems I no longer want to participate inside my family?

My heartfelt thanks in advance 🙏

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Hey Eric!

Can you tell me a big more about yods?

I’ve been told I have two yods in my chart, but the discoverer couldn’t really explain much other than imply that it’s significant.

Can’t upload my chart, but here are the details, if you can see anything. If not, that’s cool too. Just a better explanation of yods, if you would.



Zodiac sign Libra - 8th House (1° 41')

Ascendant / Rising sign Capricorn (25° 3')

Moon Sagittarius 10th House (6° 12')

Mercury Libra - 8th House (1° 53')

Venus Libra - 9th House (26° 25')

Mars Sagittarius - 11th House (17° 55')

Jupiter Taurus - 4th House (20° 36')

Saturn Libra - 8th House (15° 57')

Uranus Cancer - 6th House (18° 8')

Neptune Libra - 9th House (20° 42')

Pluto Leo - 7th House (22° 25')

1st House Capricorn (25° 3')

2nd House Pisces (10° 32')

3rd House Aries (20° 18')

4th House - Imum Coeli Taurus (18° 54')

5th House Gemini (11° 10')

6th House Cancer (1° 40')

7th House - Descendant Cancer (25° 3')

8th House Virgo (10° 32')

9th House Libra (20° 18')

10th House - Midheaven Scorpio (18° 54')

11th House Sagittarius (11° 10')

12th House Capricorn (1° 40')

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Thank you, Im just a sucker for the Algol fearporn, and being 42 and already having had a c-section, and not wanting one again. But often wonder about something transiting algol and trining my venus, the supposed malefic nature confuses me with a trine.

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What is your experience with Algol? Algol conjunct Uranus? What if I have Venus (ruling planet) at 27 cap taurus rising in the 9th house, then Algol trines my Venus, does that mitigate the negativity? I am trying to understand the energy when I am due to deliver a baby sometime mid July with uranus (hopefully not mars) at this 26 degree taurus.

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This is an astrology for dummies question- how does the leap year affect the stars and planets?

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