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In 90’s as a transplant from NYC to upstate NY to raise my young family in Orange Cty, I so looked forward to picking up the Chronogram mag every month. When my children were young, I would get it at the Newburgh Free Library on our regular visits there. On the first of each month I would get excited knowing the magazine would be available.

The two things that always blew me away were the cover and horoscopes.

I remember looking around before I picked up my first copy to ask someone near if they knew if it was free for the taking. It seemed too substantial of a publication to not have a price tag on it.

After marveling at the accuracy of my horoscope every time I read it, it soon became clear to me that this was the main reason why I would anxiously await each publication. I knew I would miss it when it was time for me to change locale and move South almost 20 yrs later. I went to see if the Chronogram was published online, as many publications were doing just that during the decline of print media. It was, but something was different. You were not featured author and that made me sad because I really felt like I learned a lot about astrology, horoscopes and relating to people of various energies just from reading your writing and approach to astrology.

(My younger sister and I were huge fans of Linda Goodman back in the day and our copies quickly became well worn).

I did wonder what changed at the Chronogram for this to be the case, but just thought you’d gone on to bigger and better stories. I also later found I could become a member and listen to podcasts and get my annual reading which has been very helpful in bridging the gap from the days of old when I would crack open the Chronogram to the table of contents, find out what page the horoscopes and your monthly article were landing on, often read it multiple times, then go about my month ready for the world.

Thank you Eric Francis for your great work and for preserving. The universe has got your back.

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By the way, what happened to all those sponsored feminist and social justice groups during covid? If ever there was a time for their rallying cries of “My body my choice.” Instead we, got my body their choice!

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Yee gads! What I can't understand is why an editor would print those (speculative) letters in the first place, and then I read his! Yikes. Might as well just call it all gossip, being so far from journalism or anything carefully considered. Thanks for the unpacking, I was wondering! I can see other themes in this story but I get it, the guy with the fattest wallet wins. My take: your "crime" was asking questions at a time when that couldn't be tolerated. Thank you for your bravery and tenacity, and for sharing all your research. It's VERY interesting...

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It is absolutely needle rape. There are 68 colleges in the US that are still currently requiring the experimental mrna injections as a condition for receiving an education. How is that my daughter cannot receive an education without being needle raped as a term of enrollment at Kenyon College? Why aren’t women and men screaming about this?

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Kingston is the precursor to the 15 minute cities that are coming.

Eric, so glad you’ve finally been vindicated. What an epic tale that foreshadows what is planned for all towns across the United States. We have lost our community and democracy to the Billionaires. Clearly they have been planning this for a long time. Eric, you are fierce and resilient. Keep strong brother and continue to pursue truth.



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Holy cow! Still digesting all this but first thought - a trust funded hippie version of WEF is loose under the radar.

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Finally some good news! 🦋❤️

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