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To my former readers from Chronogram and the Hudson Valley of New York

To my former readers from Chronogram and the Hudson Valley of New York

We finally got to the bottom of what happened in 2018: everyone was paid off. It was a persistent mystery, but the results of our investigation are not shocking.

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Dear Friend and Reader:

This letter is for people who initially discovered my work in Chronogram in upstate New York. Good morning from uptown Kingston.

You may recall that about six years ago, after writing an article called Take a Step Back in my monthly section of the magazine (which ran every month for 22 years), there was a seeming controversy, and then I mysteriously disappeared from print. I was also disappeared from Radio Kingston and the Omega Institute. They all have one thing in common.

While we did what I consider to be an excellent investigation at the time (particularly under the circumstances), two weeks ago I got to the bottom of the issue. We were looking at it the whole time. It was a matter of dropping the last piece into place.

The above segment from my program Planet Waves FM - Pacifica, from one week ago, is a concise, complete accounting of events. Supporting resources are below.

Jason Stern, one of Chronogram’s founders, and until that time my friend for 29 years, has said he will appear as a guest on my program and explain this in his own words. I encourage him to sit down in front of the microphone and clear his conscience. I’ve spoken with him face to face several times over the past few years, and I know he feels terrible about what happened and what he participated in.

Below are the relevant documents, if this topic intrigues you. I offer my gratitude to my friend Cindy Tice Ragusa, an investigator of transcendent talent, and the late Anatoly Rhyzenko of Zaporizhzhia, then my webmaster, for helping me thorughout.

More than anything, I am grateful to my readers and listeners who knew something was wrong with the story.

In sum, it was a story, and I have the last chapter for you today.

With love,

Take a Step Back by Eric Francis from February 2018

Statement of Li Wojehowski from December 2019

Comprehensive resource area with all documentation, published December 2019

Peter Buffet Invests $34 Million in the #MeToo Movement, from Yahoo Finance News, from June 2018.

Letter to the Kingston Community by Peter Buffet, from Aug. 4, 2022, on Medium

NoVo: New Wave on a Broken Foundation by Sam Shear, Spring 2023, Bard College thesis presentation

What Happens When Buffet Buys Your Town? by Sean Cooper, July 13, 2021

Can a Billionaire’s Son Save Local Media — and a City? by Will Solomon, American Prospect

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