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I wanted to thank you, with my whole heart, for what you do. You help me find clarity when it feels like the powers that shouldn't be, or other entities in the universe, seem hell bent on clouding or creating diversions, (which they obviously have been doing to humanity for, well forever) that I find it extremely difficult to see at all. Simply wanted you to know you are appreciated beyond words. And I love words. My favorite medium. Didn't know you are a photographer. I shot for many years, as well as paint, now I have to write. A book. Based on this journey. A tragic, comedy ending with enlightenment! Thank You! Peace, Love and freedom.

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Yes on what you said — we need to sift through all if the news but what about the maps??? Not okay

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My dad’s best friend was Palestinian. When he was a child, his family had to leave their home. They stood on a hill and watched a Jewish family move into it. Because I grew up with this story, I’ve learned there are two sides to every story, and in particular to the one of Israel that has indoctrinated US culture.

That the Israelis call the attack this month their 9/11 is telling. The Israelis’ so-called “intelligence failure” was not unlike ours on 9/11. I wondered, hmm… was this intelligence failure for real? Or was Israel looking for an opportunity to obliterate with impunity 2.5 million people in Gaza, not unlike our need to invade Afghanistan and Iraq to assure our hegemony over oil?

The maps of Palestine and Israel you share in this post tell it all.

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Oct 20, 2023·edited Oct 20, 2023

Thanks for sharing your insights and your connection to Israel.

IMHO, I don't think Iran is being "dragged" into this. I think Iran has been in this.

"....And in this environment, we must be careful what we construe to be real without firsthand knowledge, corroboration or serious examination. This is especially so when the whole point of the campaign is to get everyone riled up and begging for war and not for peace. If people beg for war, they’re going to get it...."

This is SO TRUE; the hospital bombing for example is a huge lesson in wait - not even 24 hours - wait 72 hours before reacting to any "news" that comes out. I agree, we are being manipulated. It is painful and frustrating.

Coming off the callousness of the reaction of our government to East Palestine and then witnessing Lahaina. Conceptualizing that government and power players have no trouble killing their own is shocking, absolutely shocking. (Realizing 911!! I just came to that 4 years ago) Now realizing our government has sent 100 million dollars to the Palestinians in the Middle East and yet our own East Palestine is ignored, makes me sick.

The digital age has certainly brought dialogue to a dangerous place.

People are unashamed of the vitriol they thrust upon others regarding their dug in position.

I think too, that people are mostly afraid. they are also willing to believe anything all the while they don't believe anything (flat earth, no moon landing, no nuclear bombs). However, the digital has brought us to find out so much of what we were told about history and events were not as simple as they appeared and we were taught. (as you often comment after a conversation with Jeff, "why wasn't I taught that in school?") That all countries spy on each other and all countries and all kinds of evil people fund both sides of a war, and even start wars. This was all news to me.

And the fake virus and all the bullshit and life changing and mind twisting shit they brought and the PCR, and the Masks and the vaccine. Lives disrupted and the families affected (I was not allowed to see my grandkids cause of the vax for 7 months). All of it has become cumulative.

That puts us all on very uneven and precarious footing. Witnessing the level of depravity and cruelty that was wrought upon the Israeli "tribe" in the kibbutzim close to the boarder of Gaza - many of whom were sympathetic to the situation the leaders of the Palestinian people have put them in and keep them in - was so outrageous, that people began defending it (kind of) because they couldn't believe it was true.

Imagine being a Peace Now Kibbutz, and the reason you are there is to support the Palestinian people, and have them working on your Kibbutz , and these are the very ones who come to murder you? You are saying as they hold a grenade over your head "I'm on your side!"

People could not accept as fact that these acts were done. Unfortunately the beheading of babies (i cant' believe i am even saying those words) story got out of control, and was walked back, and because of that the burning of children in front of their parents or vice versa and the kidnapping of at least 200 people (one grandma of someone I know whose grandpa was shot) has become somewhat

pushed aside as maybe not to be so accurate. So that is a terrible thing. Many people I have been seeing on line have kind of swept all that away, the enormity of the acts. the up to 1700 human beings tortured prior to being killed, is now put aside as we collectively worry about how Israel will punish Hamas and be done with them while innocents will be killed as collateral damage.

Who in their right mind cannot agree it is better for Israel, the Palestinian people, and the world to be rid of the terrorist group Hamas?

I myself, a Jew, who has been paying attention to Israel since I was 10 that would be 1964, have witnessed the struggle in real time, watching events in real time. So I have to say I am biased.

I don't want to be, but I am. I work very hard to take in every vantage point; however, I have seen over and over any effort for peace rejected. I am torn up that there are going to be people hurt.

It is possible that there are single minded people in this world and you can not get them away from it.

That there is cooperation, as Jon talks about, yes of course there is.

I get all that. I get what you are saying. I think fear of what we are capable of doing (I am saying we, even though I am sure nobody who is on this substack has ever committed an atrocity) is underneath

the absolute hardness of opinion and sentiment right now.

The idea that November will be worse with the oppositions is terrifying.

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