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Venus Retrograde, Part One: Whatever Happened to Common Sense? Plus your weekly horoscope.

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Venus Retrograde, Part One: Whatever Happened to Common Sense? Plus your weekly horoscope.

Venus is retrograde July 22 through Sept. 2. The rarest of all retrogrades is also one of the most interesting. PW will offer complete coverage for our subscribers. STARCAST covers the Cancer New Moon

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Does this align with “common sense”? Such would tell you that air is flowing all around this divider, and therefore, it serves no purpose. Which is the “clean” side, anyway? And what about all the other people? You can only see if you look.

You’re not crazy. The world is a truly strange state right now. But why?

Dear Friend and Reader:

You may be noticing that society and many people seem to be going insane. While the world has never been an especially rational place, we are watching it go over the top day by day and year by year.

Is anyone paying attention? How many times in recent years have you wondered what happened to common sense?

Have you ever thought about what “common sense” really is? It’s one of those things we all think we understand and yet are unlikely to have looked up or evaluated. And once you have a clue what the term describes, it’s easy to see where it’s gone and why it’s so crucial that we pay attention to this problem.

A standard definition of common sense is “ordinary understanding, without which one is foolish or insane.” This implies: you don’t need an expert opinion; anyone can grasp this. Later it came to mean “good sense,” with a slightly different shade of meaning. Both imply doing what “makes sense” or is “sensible” — and that is the operative concept: sensory perception.

In this essay, I will propose what I think has happened to common sense, and how understanding Venus retrograde may provide a response. If you are concerned about your sense of disorientation, depression or despondency, read on.

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“Eric has been deeply dedicated to astrology for decades. His prolific work is based on the application of astrology to the living field of human experience — bringing awareness to the journey of deepening and awakening, both individual and collective. He engages with the full spectrum of astrological considerations, from the philosophical to the experiential, and I’ve been grateful for the many illuminating (and fun!) exchanges we’ve had down the years.”

Melanie Reinhart, author of Chiron and the Healing Journey

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