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Birthday gift for Aquarius: last year's Astrology Studio. My readings still work years later.

Birthday gift for Aquarius: last year's Astrology Studio. My readings still work years later.

This is recent. Full audio enclosed for all readers and listeners. The new reading will be posted shortly — it's done.

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Dear Friend and Reader:

This post contains last year’s Astrology Studio for Aquarius, in total. If you’re curious, give a listen; you may find the ideas relevant. Anyone may listen. My readings are designed to be relevant to all of the signs, and to focus on the reference sign involved (in this case Aquarius).

Meanwhile, a few moments ago, I just finished String Theory: Astrology Studio for Aquarius. This is a 75-minute video reading in two parts: first, I cover the past, in the form of the transits of Saturn, Uranus and Chiron.

Second, I cover the present and the future. With Pluto entering your sign, this is a great time to have some information and assistance from astrology.

String Theory is a whole other work than Somewhere in Between. I take a different approach, a new tone, and offer many new ideas. It includes a fresh reading of your 2024 transits. However, what’s really new is my “next generation” approach to Astrology Studio, taking you through past transits, explaining the whole concept of transits, and helping you feel your chart when the juice is turned up.

Your reading includes many resources, including your solar chart, and a key to your past transits that itself links to my transit book, Planets in Motion ($33 value). Plus you will have access to several years of past readings, so you may check my work.

While we are here, this essay — from the 2021 annual — may have something for you. It’s called The Great Reconciliation (of accounts and of humanity). This link opens without requiring a password. It’s written for the sign Cancer, but it’s the reference reading for the whole 2021 series, so everyone got it.

Thank you for your business and your trust.

with love,