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Journey Without Distance

Journey Without Distance

Episode 1 in a new, occasional series on A Course in Miracles from Planet Waves.

Dear Friend:

This is a new occasional series on A Course in Miracles. Today I talk about speaking to the fear that is driving the world right now, and addressing it honestly; and the need to present an alternative.

The title of the series is based on this quote from the text:

“Can you be separated from your life and your being? The journey to God is merely the reawakening of the knowledge of where you are always, and what you are forever. It is a journey without distance to a goal that has never changed. Truth can only be experienced. It cannot be described and it cannot be explained. I can make you aware of the conditions of truth, but the experience is of God. Together we can meet its conditions, but truth will dawn upon you of itself.”

With love,

— efc

Rosendale, NY railroad bridge as rail trail, at dawn on Aug. 21. Photo: Eric Francis.
Rt. 213 (Main St. Rosendale) at Binnewater Rd. at dawn on Aug. 21.