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Libra Studio 2022-2023: Anyone may listen at no cost.

Libra Studio 2022-2023: Anyone may listen at no cost.

Here is the most recent Libra Studio reading, as my gift. Each month through the year, I do a new audio reading for the current sign. I am planning to do the 2023-24 Libra reading on Monday.

Dear Friend of Planet Waves:

The reading above is the most recent Libra Studio, published one year ago, along with its chart. If you like this reading, I will have a new one for you next week, covering out to 2024. This will focus on Pluto in Aquarius, which will be a creative and profitable transit for Libra — lasting 20 years. The new reading will be called Space is Intelligence.

Please listen to the tone of this reading, and see if you can suss out my mental and spiritual approach. Consider how my in-advance ideas about the recent Venus retrograde played out for you.

My work is uplifting, motivational, positive and gains insight through a deep understanding of astrology gained from study and much exprience. There are very few places in the world to hear yourself spoken about in a positive and nourishing way — that recognizes your potential and your humanity. I am one such place.

My readings stand up to many playings and will even serve you in years to come.

I also offer short, recorded custom personal readings, longer readings that focus on Chiron, and personal consulting.

Thank you for your business and your trust. — efc

PS — Phone queries welcome — (845) 481-5616. Calls returned ASAP.

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PPPS — Readings are available for all the signs.