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Mid-1950s Transit Alert

Mid-1950s Transit Alert

Today doing a Chart Keys reading, I noticed an unusual, challenging transit pattern happening now in mid-1950s charts. It may help explain a few things. It's all about the deep quest for meaning.

Were you born in the mid-1950s, approximately 1954-1957? If so, you are having a once-in-a-lifetime transit called Pluto square Neptune — and a few others at the same time. This reading is offered to paid subscribers to this Substack. If you hold a valid Backstage Pass and want to hear it, please reply to this email and I’ll make it available. —efc

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Dear Friend and Reader:

This week doing a Chart Keys Reading, I discovered a challenging transit pattern from the mid-1950s (which will soon extend in another form into the early 1960s).

The transit is transiting Pluto square natal Neptune. Those born in the early 1950s have gone through this recently and may still be experiencing the effects of this important personal development event. But it’s especially potent now in birth charts from about 1954 through 1956.

This transit conveys a spiritual urgency, though it may be arriving in a subdued form, as a sense of emptiness, darnkess or a feeling of not knowing what you want or what would really be fulfilling. It’s happening to people who are well above median age, in a world that is very different from the one we grew up in. It’s a reminder that consciousness of mortality (Pluto) must be a factor in any true psychology or mysticism (represented here by Neptune). Dark feelings would be a natural expression of this transit.

Yet Pluto also represents desire and passion. We take seriously the “evolutionary impulse” and “death and transformation” qualities of Pluto, and tend to forget the Dionycian vibe of Pluto — a little like Jim Morrison or Janis Joplin.

It may be difficult to get a grasp on what you’re really feeling.

With Neptune involved, there may be deep and nameless questions; difficult to describe fears; and it may be difficult to get a grasp on just what your situation calls for. However, Neptune transits also benefit from being discussed openly. Then they emerge from the background and become more tangible.

This reading focuses Pluto square Neptune and several closely related events that will be influencing charts from the mid-1950s era. This is a special feature for Planet Waves subscribers on Substack, and for Backsgage Pass holders. If you have a Backstage Pass and would like access, please reply to this email.

I’ve made a very simplified chart below of the aspect pattern. There are several simultaneous Pluto transits involved, though the bold blue line is the main one I am describing. Eris is also in the picture, adding a sense of spiritual chaos brought on by digital conditions.

This recording studies the relationships. It will apply to a broad sub-population of births for a seven year period and ride forward like a wave.

I love this method of doing readings — not just for one person but for fairly large cohorts. With some positive encouragement I will do more of it.

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