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Now we know: The fake alien invasion will be announced by text message

Now we know: The fake alien invasion will be announced by text message

Plus, a look at the October 14 solar eclipse in Libra, what it's telling us about life and love, and a visit with Alice A. Bailey's theory about that sign from Esoteric Astrology.
Stone Church Gorge, seen from a bridge over what is now called the Esopus Creek, formerly called the Beaverkill, in Ulster County, NY. Photo by Eric Francis.

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Dear Friend and Reader:

NOW WE KNOW — the alien invasion will be announced by text message.

On the afternoon of Oct. 4, the United States, Russia and Colombia each tested nationwide cell phone alert systems in their respective nations. If Russia is our enemy in the Ukrainian war, why is it coordinating with the United States on a digital systems test?

And I thought Colombia was a university; it turns out to be a whole country.

One minute I think I know everything, and the next minute I am totally confused. Is this some new geopolitical axial alignment? Is there some plan for little green men to “invade” only those three countries?

One day you’ll remember I said it would be a false flag event, then you’ll open your closet and two of them will be standing there rummaging through the pockets of your winter coat, feigning startled looks on their faces.

Esopus Creek on the former Beaverkill creek bed, facing southerly. This is like re-routing the D Train onto the A Train’s tracks. Photo by Eric Francis.

Anyway, for the big moment, I decided to get out of town, aiming for the Stone Church Gorge near the Ashokan Reservoir with a friend, for my third attempt in three days at a photo (at different times of day, to catch the light from different angles).

This had nothing whatsoever to do with being sent a text this morning by a reader warning that we would really be experiencing a system test of 5G death rays.

I stopped along the way to get provisions for a picnic, partly in honor of Sukkot — the Jewish holiday at the end of the high holy days, where meals are eaten in a tent or booth constructed temporarily in the yard for that purpose (called a sukkah).

Not having brought my portable shack, I felt the Lord would understand if I used two flannel shirts as a picnic blanket instead.

This holiday, commanded in the Torah, is a reminder that without God’s grace, we might be living in a grass hutch. Be grateful for your house and that you are no longer wandering. And for your food — it’s also a harvest celebration.

Before I left for my expedition, I set up my cellphone on my studio desk with two microphones pointed at it, and clicked record to capture whatever sound it would emit (for artistic purposes). This is what came up on my screen; most everyone saw it, but in case you didn’t:


I’m aware that some of the messages came through titled, “Presidential Alert” with a picture of Joe Biden blowing a kiss. If you happened to save yours, please send a screenshot if you are willing. (You can reply to this email, or send it to Thank you.) Here is a video take on the 10/4 alert, which also covers the fairly recent Hawaii false incoming missile alert.

Next Stop: Annular Eclipse of the Sun in Libra

Wednesday’s chart featured an exact opposition of Mars and Eris on the lunar nodes. All of this happened across the Aries-Libra axis. The nodes, also called Rahu and Ketu, are points of amplification, and work in a way that draws together individual and collective consciousness. They are also where eclipses happen, and one is on the way soon. This is an annular eclipse of the Sun on Oct. 14.

Not an annual eclipse, but annular, where the Moon is far enough from the Earth that it’s slightly smaller than the disk of the Sun. A good bit of light gets through. The alignment is perfect, but it’s more like the Sun wearing sunglasses than a blindfold. (Because the Moon in its orbit is gradually drifting away from the Earth, eventually, all previously total eclipses will be annular.)

However, an eclipse it is, and once again we have an event activating the Aries-Libra axis, which is all about relationships, and the meeting of self and other. It’s also about our relationships within ourselves. Eris in Aries for the past century has come with the faceting and fragmenting of self, and also the beating of a tribal drum, all associated with the rise of electrical communications media.

To me, Eris in Aries is also the sigil of the digital age, and what it’s doing to our experience of being a Self, which at the moment is a little scattered, or maybe it’s shattered. This has to do with being shocked out of our bodies by taking part in speed-of-light communication all day and all night.

The result is what Eric McLuhan described as the “deep disorientation of intellect and destabilization of culture throughout the world.”

Book of Blue / New York Sessions.

Libra is the Sign of the Sexual Riddle

There is a text lurking in the back of 20th century astrology that I wonder if anyone left in the field has heard of, much less read. It’s called Esoteric Astrology by Alice A. Bailey. It opens a window to where astrology meets Theosophy and Tibetan mystical teachings.

Bailey writes that Libra is more associated with matters related to sex than any other sign. “Sex is usually associated in the mind of the average astrological student with the signs Taurus and Scorpio,” likely due to the bull describing what she calls “the uncontrolled sex principle,” and Scorpio being a sign where what she calls “fundamental tests” are encountered — probably referring to the problem of attachment. (In classical astrology, Scorpio is also the sign of the genitals and the root chakra.)

“Esoterically, however, it is in Libra that the whole question comes up and will increasingly come up for answering, and it is in Libra that the balancing of the pairs of opposites must take place. [This balancing will] reach solution through the activity of the judicial mind and the establishing of a point of equilibrium between the male and the female principles.”

This sounds a lot like tantra. It’s all about working through deep integration of male and female, with sex as the metaphor for existence. To do that, it’s necessary to experience both principles, and to have fully aware relationships through them.

However, muggle society thwarts that by imposing a diversity of ersatz “sex roles” on men and women (largely through advertising), which are essentially personality postures. Astrology, of all the esoteric and spiritual arts, most boldly teaches that we contain all of the various sexual principles — male, female and hermaphroditic, in a wide diversity of shades and combinations.

Everyone has these potentials distributed differently in their chart. Because no two charts are alike, astrology says we all have a unique sexual orientation. Nobody is exclusively male or female; gay or straight. And since we are all experiencing transits all the time, we are all some form of trans: in motion.

Photo by Eric Francis.

Projection of Opposites, and Hormone Chaos

Astrology is at its essence about the integration of opposites. Bailey may be the first to have taught that sign pairs, such as Aries and Libra, work as one process and that anyone with emphasis on one sign is here to integrate the other.

Normally, what the ego does is project anything it does not want. The basis of spiritual training is to reverse that process.

At the moment, both Aries and Libra have much energy running through them (starting with the lunar nodes), and it keeps getting activated by events that span across the two signs (such as Wednesday’s Mars-Eris opposition, and the recent Mars-Chiron opposition, along with the recent Ceres-Eris opposition).

Because there is typically so much projection of sexual traits onto the other, this integration work, so essential to physical existence, meets many distractions.

The fundamental structure of relationships is often two halves of a person forming a couple, rather than two complete or consciously self-integrating people encountering one another and aspiring to be whole. The result is experiencing much that we are as being outside of ourselves — a serious problem of the digital realm as well, which is an endless, reverberating hall of mirrors.

Additionally, we are in an environment of ever-mounting chemical hormone chaos, mostly from exposure to plastics and chlorinated hydrocarbons and their relatives.

Much of how it feels to be a man or a woman is about the experience of sex hormones. The vibrancy (and drama) of this situation tends to fade in any event as people get older, though I doubt that most young people have any idea what it felt like for us older folks to be men and women before we were swimming in synthetic hormone disruptors.

Looking into the Libra Sun at the Ashokan. Photo by Eric Francis.

Eclipse Message: The Rulers of the Lunar Nodes

Because the forthcoming eclipse is a nodal event involving the Aries-Libra axis, we can get a take on it from considering the status of Venus and Mars (the rulers of the nodes). There is a lot to any chart, though this gives us an accessible line of analysis.

The eclipse itself, in Libra, is under the rulership of Venus. We find Venus in Virgo, perhaps a distinctly feminine sign (that of the Virgin, or young woman). Yet Virgo itself is ruled by Mercury, who is officially “neither female nor male.”

Virgo is the sign of integrating mind and body, and of integrating feelings and thoughts. This is perhaps the ultimate statement of emotional intelligence. Symbolically and most likely in reality, it comes through the vehicle of the mother’s body. Women right now have a lot of work to do on this front. In my view, most men are more successful at integrating their feminine side than are most women (who tend to cast it off these days).

Mars, the ruler of Aries, is the male polarity in this equation, and we find him in his domicile — the Mars-ruled sign Scorpio. Yet Scorpio, despite being ruled by Mars, is a feminine sign (all the water signs and earth signs are). So we have another image of emotional integration, this time on the hormonal level of where Mars meets Scorpio.

These two placements offer an invitation to feel. Not to cut off. Not to emote. Not to push. But rather to sensate and focus; to observe yourself; to take yourself in.

This may sound daunting, here in the world of speed-of-light communication, where nobody has any sexual properties whatsoever, here in the digital environment. Even the zeros and ones don’t get it on. But you remain human.

With love,

Wetlands near the Ashokan. Photo by Eric Francis.