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Weekly horoscope + PWTV on Libra lunar eclipse and intro to Princess Catherine's astrology

I look ahead at the March 25 lunar eclipse in Libra, as well as consider whether we have the right birth chart for Catherine, Princess of Wales.

Note to Readers — This is the Substack edition of Planet Waves. If you’re a Core, Backstage or Galaxy subscriber, your horoscope, essay and video are in your My Account area. That is the central access point for our in-house subscribers.

In the video above, I take my first look at the chart of Catherine, Princess of Wales (whose name is frequently misspoken as Kate Middleton). While I usually avoid celebrity horoscopes, Catherine is currently ‘missing’ and is a topic of speculation — and as heir to being Queen Consort, is someone I would consider a world leader (whether anyone likes it or not).

In this video, I discuss my initial work confirming her birth chart (which involved studying the charts for William, the royal wedding, Jan 17, and a diversity of related progressed horoscopes — secondary, tertiary, solar arc and minor). Her birth chart has a Rodden Rating of C or conflicting data. Hence, any legit astrologer must do some work to confirm the chart rather than taking anyone’s word for it. And that’s as far as I’ve got.

However, I will be following up on this story, as it’s likely to be trending for a while — and she has a VERY interesting chart as you will see. It’s a classic study in Chiron.

Thanks for your business, your trust, and your investment of time in reading my work and allowing my viewpoint some space in your mind. With love,



Don’t let the fog obscure your view, or your sense of right and wrong. The Sun’s meeting with Neptune in Pisces may seem confusing, though if you turn your attention inward that will clear up. Pay special attention to your dreams (the plot, the symbols and your feeling upon awakening) and you’ll be blessed with insights into the condition of your life right now, and the direction in which you’re headed. Remember what you learn, by which I mean take written notes. (Factors involved, such as Neptune and the Galactic Core, will make it nearly impossible to remember your insights without putting them into writing.) When the Sun enters your sign on March 19, your anxiety will seem to evaporate and you’ll have a clear sense of direction. Yet make sure that the warrior in you is in communication with the soothsayer currently whispering secrets in your ear.

Chart for the penumbral lunar eclipse in Libra of March 25


Who is anyone? Do you really know? Do you want to? Trust that you’ll be provided with any information that you need. If you determine that you’re lacking some specific data, define what it might be and allow your intuition to guide you to what you’re seeking. Yet this is not the time to pry into every issue, solve every mystery or chase up every rumor. Most are of no relevance to you. Yet some facts, circumstances and background information are of very high relevance, and you need to know what they are. (This is why I am suggesting you avoid any focus on trivia and gossip.) There are people you’re dealing with directly, and you will need to know something about how they are connected, what their role is, and where their loyalties reside. Start with those who are immediately around you (such as in a business situation) and make a map of their associations. Make sure to include yourself in the diagram.


When driving through a fog, it usually helps to turn your headlights down — and to follow the road, not the guy in front of you. That said, you’re working with all you could possibly need to know, if you pay attention to your inner guidance and do that very special thing of being situationally-aware. In social environments, be your usual friendly self, and you will attract in your direction all kinds of helpful people. They will respect you for your approachability and not your authority, power or goals. So stay on that level, and ask people for favors rather than giving them instructions. People will pick up on your charisma and leadership and will be happy to help you. So be generous with your time and attention and get the energy flowing. You’re even more socially charmed than usual, so do your thing and shine like the Sun at noon.

Sunset at the Ashokan Reservoir, March 13. Photo by Eric Francis.


You may feel like the voice of the cosmos is trying to speak to you — if only you could understand what it’s trying to say. If you can be patient and sit with the mystery, you’ll get your answer in the form of knowing what action to take. You may not have every question answered in advance, though they will all be answered in due time and through direct experience. Experience is the result of taking action, which you may be resisting or hesitating on today — though you won’t be within a few days when the Sun reaches equinox and crosses the vibrant 10th house of your solar chart. That moment is the outset of a new stage of your life, especially where your professional missions and aspirations are concerned. You do not need to conquer the world. You don’t need to answer vast questions. Just begin somewhere, and head in the least familiar direction.


You may suddenly see through a situation that you did not understand, or did not know existed. Be glad you got the information when you did — before you make any major moves. No matter how inconvenient, be sure to work out the details of financial arrangements before you take action on any new plans. If you have a hunch that someone is hiding information that is relevant to you, then press for it gently, and be ready to move along if it’s not forthcoming. In this next stage of your life, you must hold others to total transparency in any matters that may affect you. This is more about you than it is about them. Most people will do what they can get away with, and reveal as little information as possible. You are the one who has to hold the standard of truth in your own world.


Don’t worry if you’re suddenly uncertain or insecure about a partnership situation. It may be that your mind is playing tricks on you. There’s only one thing that matters, or that can guide you: what you want. I’m not saying that you must somehow abandon others or your commitment to them. I’m saying that your sense of your desires is your most reliable guide to what is right, and therefore what you should do. If you don’t guide yourself based on what you want, then what basis for decision would you use? Remember that the idea of “what is right for you” has everything to do with who you think you are. The question for any circumstance in which you find yourself goes something like, “Is this really me?” Think back over how many times that question would have saved you months or years of distraction and grief, and you will never forget it.

Sunset at the Ashokan Reservoir, March 13. Photo by Eric Francis.


There is all kinds of health and nutritional advice flying around these days — more than ever. If you take it all under consideration, it’s clear that everything is going to kill you, no matter what you do, or don’t do. However, you can simplify the matter by paying attention to how what you eat makes you feel. For example, if you feel tired or agitated after you eat something, then you probably want to avoid it. There is a place for “science” in all of this, but that’s now as reliable as the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. Track other factors in your environment and eliminate what aggravates you or is potentially dangerous — everything from cleaning products to scented detergents to anything labeled poisonous. Keep psychoactive substances down to a minimum, especially alcohol. This is an important moment of discovery and revelation for you, and you want to keep your mind and your environment free from obstructions.


Make sure you live in the real world, and not your fantasies. This is not always so easy for you, though you tend to forget. The problem with fantasies is that they are not real, and they are often not imaginative. Imagination is an active process, which leads to action. Fantasies are a passive experience, which are an end in themselves; they don’t usually lead to doing something new in the world. It would be preferable to try something new, real and not especially exciting— the thing to do would be to entertain yourself with the possibilities. Fantasies lead to more of the same; actions lead to an opening of the possibilities, and direct experiments which will teach you what works and also help you figure out what you want. Your sign is ruled by Mars, the planet of action. Waking up from the dream and going forward will have the delightful feeling of getting real.


Gently ask yourself if you’re being honest with yourself about how you feel about a family or domestic situation. This may not be easy, and the question has probably been lingering for some time. You may also feel that it involves some kind of personal flaw or character issue, which in turn may be delaying your response. The chances are you know what you want and what you need to do, but are uncertain how to go about it. And there is a chance that events of the next two months provide an opening and an opportunity for you to entirely transcend your current situation. However, even if that happens, you will still benefit from being entirely real with yourself now, and coming out of denial on any matters that are lingering in the back of your mind, your bedroom or your living room.

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You may be in a situation where your intuition is totally correct, and at the same time you may be wrong. How do you know? If you can afford to wait, you’re in the perfect “time will tell” situation. If you feel like you cannot wait, what is the exact time pressure? What is the nature of the deadline? There might not be one, and then you can let time sort out the truth of your situation. However, if you must move swiftly, I suggest a cold logical analysis, including looking at best-case and worst-case scenarios under different approaches. You would be ill-advised to just guess, go with your gut, or take the path of least resistance. The pace and energy level of your life are about to pick up considerably, and you will need to be on your toes, and trust that you’re making the right decisions for good reasons.


Hold onto your money for now; the Sun’s meeting with Neptune is likely making you think you need things that you already have, or will have no use for. Aquarius is famous for going into “money is no object” mode. But that’s not going to work for you right now. The questions to keep asking yourself are, “Do I need this?” and “Is this worth the price?” If you’re not sure, then the answer is probably no. And there is no harm in waiting. In a few weeks when the real action begins, you will be happy to have access to your resources, and you’ll figure out that you don’t need much at all due to the strength of your ideas. And those, too, should be used judiciously. A little will go a long way, and this will leave you lots of bandwidth to consider the law of unintended consequences. It should be called the law of unexpected anarchy, which reminds me to say: just a little touch of chaos and disorder will serve your creativity well.


The Sun’s conjunction to Neptune on the 17th may have you wondering if you’re walking around on the surface of another planet. You might say that another dimension of reality is infusing the usual one, though the world may seem like a much more familiar place to you under this influence. For many, Neptune represents a parallel reality, and for you, these two realities will merge into one oddly familiar thing. This is a rare perspective to have available, and you may use it as a source of knowledge, understanding and enhanced awareness. You will be able to see, feel and perceive reality from a different viewpoint than usual, as if you had taken some psychoactive substance — yet the substance is consciousness itself. This will last through the Sun’s Aries ingress on the 19th, though you may not remember what you discovered — so I highly recommend keeping both a written and photographic document. You will want to remember what you learn, because this may be the one and only time it’s available.

Sunset at the Ashokan Reservoir, March 13. Photo by Eric Francis.