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Venus Turns Around: Planet Waves September Monthly Horoscope.

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Venus Turns Around: Planet Waves September Monthly Horoscope.

The Pisces Full Moon door is still open. The Moon is conjunct Neptune — keep a grip on objective reality. Venus stations direct in Leo on Sunday.

Note to Readers — good evening. Please read if you are experiencing any confusion.

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High summer at Onteora lake, Ulster County, New York. Photo by Eric.

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The Pisces energy is still coming through strongly — that amounts to peace, love and confusion.

Dear Friend and Reader:

Today I have the monthly horoscope for you.

The Full Moon door opened last night, and is still providing insight and understanding, if subtle and intuitive. The Moon will be in Pisces through Friday morning in most time zones, and the Pisces energy will be strong: the Moon makes a conjunction to Neptune at 4:13 am EDT Friday.

This can be confusing, and may feel like sand slipping through your hands. So take it as easy as you can; there are some things that will just have to wait.

Mercury retrograde has been making itself known, turning simple matters into complex ones and potentially stirring up deeper problems. All of these are prompts for what I call system checks: are steps solve the whole problem now, don’t just patch it over. Some of those will have to wait until the station-direct on Tuesday, Sept. 15.

Photo by Eric.

Mercury in Contact with Nessus

Today and tomorrow, Mercury will be in direct contact with centaur Nessus. This may bring up old traumas, though the involvement of Mercury is saying that a sincere conversation must be initiated if you want to make any progress toward healing.

Anything lingering up until this point is likely to be the result of past discussions not had, and withholding information and feelings from intimate partners. This article from 2014 describes another Mercury retrograde where Nessus was involved.

Venus stations direct Sept. 3 after a six-week retrograde in Leo. That development is covered in many of the signs below. As it stations, Venus is in a log square (90-degree aspect) to Jupiter — that’s about exaggeration of emotional issues. Such will inevitably stand in the way of addressing the deeper material described by the aspect. 

I would describe that as the unwillingness to receive love, affection and support. Many people seem inconsolable these days, and you can smell the bitterness and irritation in the air. If we want to build trust and community, we will need a better way.

I’ll have more to say on Friday night’s Planet Waves FM where I will be describing the spiritual implications of overexposure to digital conditions.

Thank you for your business and your trust.

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