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Cancer New Moon square Eris: Where Humanity Meets the Robot.

Cancer New Moon square Eris: Where Humanity Meets the Robot.

The Cancer New Moon is at 2:32 pm EDT Monday. It has the distinction of being square to Eris — it's holding a lot of emotional energy that needs to go somewhere.

The New Moon in Cancer takes place Monday at 2:31:41 pm EST. For much of the United States, especially central and east, the chart will have Scorpio rising.

This is a distinctive event due to the New Moon making a tight square (90-degree meeting) to Eris. We can expect some surprises, as this square is like a spring about to release. There is added tension from Mars in Virgo about to oppose Saturn in Pisces this week; and Venus is holding steady in Leo about to station retrograde on Saturday. Whole Thursday edition (our subscriber publication) will focus on Venus retrograde, which lasts through Sept. 3.

The hand-drawn chart to the right is the Sun opposite Pluto about to enter Leo later this week, at the same time Venus stations retrograde in Leo.

The underlying theme of this New Moon is the intersection of humanity (Cancer Moon and Sun) with the algorithm, the robot, and artificial thought (Eris in Aries).

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