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Event Astrology: Cargo vessel strikes major bridge in Baltimore

Event Astrology: Cargo vessel strikes major bridge in Baltimore

A first look at the chart.
Officials were searching for road repair crews who had been working on the bridge — the Francis Scott Key Bridge, which is part of Interstate 895 — when the cargo ship MV Dali struck a pier and took down most of the span. SEE LIVE COVERAGE.

EMS discussion at time of collapse via Cindy Ragusa

Richard Gage of AE-911 Truth is now in the discussion with Planet Waves. He sent this video.

Good morning from New York.

The container vessel MV Dali was underway on the Patapsco River in Baltimore when it struck a pier on the Francis Scott Key Bridge early this morning, causing most of the span to collapse.

Note, MV stands for “merchant vessel.” Because I’ve taken so many car ferries that have MV in their name, I incorrectly assumed it was “motor vehicle carrying,” but no.

The steel though-truss bridge, built in 1972, was impacted at 1:28 am and the middle the span fell into the water, along with road crews and an unknown number of vehicles. It has been designated a mass casualty incident.

The investigation is underway; nothing has been said publicly about the cause of the accident or the collapse. At the time of the impact, weather conditions were unremarkable and visibility was 10 miles.

Note as of noon, the cause is being attributed to a power failure. As of 3 pm, the FBI has said it does not suspect terrorism, according to news reports.

The collision happened less than 24 hours after a total eclipse of the Moon in Libra. The Moon is the most prominent body in the chart. This recording is a narrative of my first impressions of the chart. — efc

Via Cindy Ragusa — This presenter (Cpt. John Conrad, video below, a sea captain and harbor pilot) seems to be saying that the bridge was not shut down after the mayday call but that contradicts press reports saying the bridge was shut down. He is also saying that it looks like the wind pushed the ship off course, but the weather history says there was no wind at that hour. — efc

Here is the nautical chart of the area: