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Pisces Full Moon, conjunct Karma

Pisces Full Moon, conjunct Karma

Wednesday's Full Moon in Pisces is conjunct asteroid Karma. That and other factors suggest that it's time for a discussion about the results of our actions.
Ruins of the Norton Cement Works in Rosendale, NY. Photo by Eric Francis.

Good morning.

This edition of STARCAST covers the Pisces Full Moon on Wednesday, Aug. 30, into Venus stationing direct in Leo on Sunday, Sept. 3.

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The theme of this Full Moon is the results of action, which include belief. Pay attention for acts of revenge based on an emotional overreaction. With the Full Moon happening in the sign Pisces, some people will have a hard time keeping a grip.

The deeper quest is to understand the power of belief, and how many people allow it to dominate their whole reality — there is a need for discernment in our moment.

Mars is now in Libra. Mercury will be retrograde until right after the Virgo New Moon, through Sept. 15. There is also a Mercury-Nessus aspect this week; I’ve covered this pairing in the past — you may read Mercury, weaving the story of Nessus.

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