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Planet Waves for November 2023

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Planet Waves for November 2023

November continues the theme of planets facing off with one another. This is exemplary in the chart for Saturday's Full Moon eclipse.

Dear Friend and Reader:

No proofreader has been near this letter, which I am adding to the horoscope last minute. So there will be some typos.

November continues the theme of planets facing off with one another (opposition aspects). This is exemplary in the chart for Saturday's Full Moon eclipse across Taurus and Scorpio. So far I have neglected to mention the concentration of physical and emotional energies contained in this sign pair, but most astrology fans already know.

When the Moon partially dims in Taurus Saturday (unfortunately, not visible from the United States — partial lunar eclipses are my favorite to see) — it’s joined by Jupiter, Uranus and a diversity of minor planets.

The Sun is conjunct an odd planet without a body — a hypothetical — called Apollon. I know this is a weird concept. I always want to say more about it. It’s from a system dating to the late 19th and early 20th centuries called Uranian astrology. I have learned a lot from them.

At the time of the eclipse, the Scorpio Sun is conjunct Apollon, which takes 576 years to orbit the Sun. I once asked Rob Hand how they work (generally, he knows everything). All he could do was speculate.

The point “always enlarges, expands or indicates far off  places,” wrote Michael Erlewine. “The multiplier: expansion and spreading; growth and increase. Science, commerce, trade, industry, peaceful efforts,” wrote Arlene Kramer. “Apollon is that which indicates ‘a lot of’ or ‘more than one’ of anything. It has close connections with the worlds of commerce, science, and education, and can also symbolize success, expansion, and foreign countries.”

The big big Apollon-Sun pairing is joined by Mercury, Mars and Ceres.

This is a LOT of energy. A lot of sexual strength, power, chi, jin, orgone and physical mojo happening in the psychological, emotional style of Scorpio. among other things email life is usually pretty saucy, but this week, I’ve been surpassing any prior peaks.

I’ve placed the full PWFM show into this post. The first 40 minutes has a close reading of the eclipse chart, which is added at the very very bottom of this page. Just keep scrolling…just keep rolling. And hang loose. I mean it. Life is too short to be uptight, though it continues to be a top seller.

Extended astrology readings follow for all the signs and rising signs.

Photo by Eric Francis.

You know you want to read this.

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