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Planet Waves Weekly for Feb. 8, 2024 — the Aquarius New Moon & Lunar New Year

Planet Waves Weekly for Feb. 8, 2024 — the Aquarius New Moon & Lunar New Year

This is your extended weekly reading for Feb. 8, covering the Aquarius New Moon and the lunar new year.
Technical rehearsal for the Madonna concert at Madison Square Garden on Jan. 22. Photos in this edition are from a behind-scenes tour of the facility.

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ARIES — Set aside any urge you have to conquer the world, and make friends with people instead. You’re looking at some tremendous opportunity, partly social and partly professional. Whether you manifest this depends on your ability to be friendly and receptive. Any drive or ambition you are feeling can safely linger in the background. You don’t need to push, but rather the use attractive power of curiosity. That’s where your true freedom resides: in the ability to respond to your environment in a way that inspires you to know more, and understand more deeply. The universe is organized in layers, and knowledge reveals itself as you go deeper into your experiences and your awareness. Get to know people, and allow their character to develop in your mind. First impressions sometimes mean a lot, and they can take on new meaning as you gently probe your own lived experience.

TAURUS — You have more power than you may imagine — or may notice. What that translates to in immediate terms is that your words and your actions influence situations and people in ways that you cannot foresee. It’s easy to casually toss out a suggestion, though at this stage in your growth you must be sure that you are correct when you do so. This also applies to your own choices. Pluto has now taken up residence in your 10th solar house — Aquarius, for you, the place associated with action (in Greek, praxis). Yet Pluto often acts invisibly, below the level of awareness. This cautions you to be aware of when the things you say and do end up setting chains of events in motion. And Mercury nearby cautious you to be aware of false certainty. Your chart is set up for some very unusual successes this year, though you must use your mind, and honor the law of unintended consequences.

Track suits worn by the Beastie Boys at Madison Square Garden.

GEMINI — Your connection to the greater world — what some think of as the world of spirit, or the outer realms — is through social contact. That means friendly associations with your fellow people. This is becoming increasingly difficult as people succumb to the digital trance. Yet you appear as the evolutionary force that can help focus a new kind of group consciousness. This is not about activism or making social change. For you, it’s about expressing your spiritual aspirations and connecting to your soul’s journey. These are stressful times for anyone who values easygoing, the kind of social contact that comes naturally to you. Most people with a shred of sensitivity don’t want to meet people using an app on their phone. You at least remember that being together is the way that people discover one another. The seemingly modest gestures you make will have a way of breaking down boundaries and opening up possibilities for people that would otherwise not be available.

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