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Planet Waves Weekly for Oct. 19, 2023

Planet Waves Weekly for Oct. 19, 2023

The "between the eclipses" edition...chart below...thanks everyone for providing the magnificent photos.

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ARIES — This week’s unusual alignment of Mercury, the Sun and Pluto will put the squeeze on a relationship situation without you having to do much. The two most important things you can do are listen, and feel. You don’t need to ask any questions or make any statements. Notice how you are responding to what you hear, see and feel. There is a question that is bubbling to the surface: what is the nature of your commitments, or one commitment in particular? What do different encounters with different people have in common, and how do they differ? Said another way: who are you with the different people in your life? Notice if you’re the same person consistently from relationship to relationship, and notice the ways that you present different facets of yourself. You are in a deep and beautiful space right now, though this is also coming with the sense of walking along a delicate edge.

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TAURUS — There is something you’re trying to let go of; now is your chance to stop trying, let go, and release the future. Your other option is to keep both yourself and the future captive in some kind of idea that is not working. Therefore, noticing what is not working is your best friend, rather than the usual point of frustration. Also, observe that the frustration is usually the product of not noticing something crucial — though at the moment, it’s difficult to miss. Given the overall chart setup, there is likely to be an element of sexual entanglement that seems to have some power over you. The therapy question is, in what way is this working to serve your agenda? The question right underneath that is, what is that agenda, and do you like it or want it? Is the investment a form of attachment, or the result of desire? There may be elements of both; work with one, then the other, then back to the first, and so on — clarity will come.

GEMINI — Love can never be forced; it cannot be enforced; it’s not the product of a contract, unless you’re talking about karma (which is never much fun). But love happens. I don’t just mean the Greatest Love of All Time (that is not something I sell in this horoscope) but rather feeling groovy about someone and them feeling something like that about you. Sometimes there are circumstances that can draw, attract or propel you into those situations, and often people resist. One might think that compelling could not be possible. And you certainly get the chance to opt out. Relationships of many kinds can emerge spontaneously, even in a world where everything seems to be controlled by network administrators. The emphasis of your solar chart remains creative and transformative. Do what you love. Do what loves you. Explore your possibilities and be guided by your sense of daring and curiosity within the actual, physical world.

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CANCER — Your feelings may seem to be about someone else, though they remain yours at all times. This is often forgotten in the split-apart world of projection. Mostly, others in our environment serve the role of projection screen, and they surely can seem real. Yet nothing really pivots on their influence, such as it may be; the point of axis is how you respond. Cosmic activity is oriented in Libra, which is supposed to be about balance. But it’s really about exploring the range of emotional possibilities and reactions that are distinct to the human realm. And you may encounter a fairly wide sample of the spectrum over the next few days. If you pay attention, you may gain some new understanding of the role that certain relationships play in your life. Moreover, you can update your files and consolidate what you’ve learned from a many-years journey away from one orientation and toward another. Consider where you were in matters related to love and relating in 2008 and where you are today.

LEO — The most common fallacy is the appeal to authority. If that guy in a suit said it, then it must be true, and if that smart-looking woman with side bangs and a sexy dress agrees, then it must be the real thing. The very best bullshit sniffer you can have these days is sensitivity to this game. It goes on all around us, all the time, and is being broadcast from every corner of the media environment. Yet nearly every person who claims some authority is wrong just about all the time. Somehow it does not matter — and that is why it’s a fallacy, a counterfeit, not just of argument but of truth itself. You’re in a crucial time of examining your mental habits, tendencies in communication, and listening skills — all of the above. Pay attention to this precious thing called attribution. That means asking over and over, “According to whom?” Say those words out loud, and then take the next few steps and get to the bottom of things. You may find that deep down, most things you hear are pretty shallow.

VIRGO — Secrets are the source of most emotional pain and suffering, and revealing one’s secrets can be a profound source of release, relief and healing. Most of why someone might “keep a secret from themselves” is that they are afraid of others finding out. Part of being honest with yourself is getting past that fear, and being sincere with yourself at any potential cost. One of them might well be others finding out, whether because you must tell someone, or because your diary is discovered in 100 years. I would propose that there is an even deeper, more urgent psychic need for you to stand without hesitation in your truth, and therefore, to commit to total transparency. Secrecy is not only painful. It has a weakening effect on the whole psyche; it dilutes desire and intention. And it creates fractures in relationships. One of the most crucial goals of your life right now is to stand independent from your intimate partners. That means taking full possession of your reality, and boldly “telling it like it is.”

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LIBRA — Do not let others pressure or force you into making a decision. Yet closer to the point is, be mindful of imaginary pressures that seem to be coming from family, when in reality nobody is leaning on you. It’s merely your own guilty conscience or attachment to the past that is seeming to wrap you around its finger. You can do something about that, by being honest with yourself about what is real and what is not. I know these lingering past influences (in Sanskrit, samskaras, or latent past impressions) can seem real and present — though the point is, they are phantoms of history, whether real or imagined. Yet they have a way of running the lives of many people who have not updated their files. You don’t need ghosts from the past consuming your time, energy and attention; you don’t need figments distracting you from making your choices your way. If you feel a guilt reaction, you can be sure you’re being confronted by one of them.

SCORPIO — The challenge this week comes down to one question, really: what are you trying to say? Therefore, when you do say something, perhaps don’t be so declarative about it. That will be difficult with Mercury, the Sun and Pluto lining up, making it seem like you must express yourself with tremendous urgency. If you must, write a song, or a poem, or an essay — something created with a gust of passion that you can rewrite a few times. In fact, it’s altogether better if you have something to say, to type it, save it to your drafts folder (if you’re old enough to know what that is), and look at it in an hour. You will find that there is much you don’t need to say, and much that you say that you can temper. This same astrology will be excellent for solving problems, as long as you let your proposed answers sit for a couple of days so that you can correct the flaws in your thinking. If you don’t find any, you’re not looking carefully enough. But overall, your proposed theory will be correct — even if some fine tuning is required.

SAGITTARIUS — You now have the drive to go from an idea to action, though this kind of motivation is not the usual thing you feel. You would rather be guided forward by vision or an idea. It’s easier for you to go from theory to reality; from design concept to design. However, nearly everything positive that happens in the world is driven by some kind of practical necessity. One’s vision must be adaptable enough to adjust to the environment. You will still need your design concept, for example, “Offices must be ergonomic,” or, “Buildings must work with the landscape.” Then you will have the real-life, realtime opportunity to connect your idea with a situation that needs you. Here is the rub: this is about something social, not really physical, though your sense of aesthetics — of beauty and appropriateness — come into the scenario. The social world has become all-but-frozen, driven by pretext and obsessed with sending a bill for the privilege of friendship. You know there is a better way.

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CAPRICORN — Over the next few days you have the power to make seemingly impossible decisions and also to put them into action. You may wonder where all this seemingly raw power — is coming from. That’s not an important matter; what you must attend to is how you direct your energy. Think of yourself as a blow torch, that can cut metal as well as meld it together; that is dangerous but can be constructive. The power behind those things does not care; only you would care, and express that through your conscious use of your abilities. There are important matters that need your attention. They seem to involve your professional life, and on some level, might involve the government. Like a martial artist, it would be best if you used minimal chi, maximum intelligence and no force at all. Every situation in your life will be responsive to well-planned strategy.

AQUARIUS — There are deep and invisible influences moving through your psyche. They are classic examples of what Carl Jung called “shadow material.” While pop psychology, including astrology, tends to view this as a problem, my perspective is that it’s psychic fuel. All the doubts we have about ourselves; any guilt, resentment, or fear; they are all concentrated power, grossly misunderstood. Yet many people are suspicious of power, so that would, at least partly, explain the misunderstanding. Negative emotions begin to transform the moment you enter a dialog with them. At that point you may find out that they are really about cut-off places; injuries that were sequestered and not allowed to heal and integrate; and elements from the lives of our ancestors that we must acknowledge. That, by the way, is an aspect of life from which you may draw strength for many years. Feel your ancestors walking with you, within you, with each step that you take.

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PISCES — Use your allies. Know who they are, and establish communication with them before you actually need assistance, support, or help getting ahead. You are in the midst of a situation you can leverage to your benefit. This is not about taking anything from anyone; you know that when you make a gain, everyone around you does as well. In fact, I suggest you set that part aside, and focus on what will benefit you and you alone as a kind of thought experiment that will have an influence in physical life. Pisces is strongly associated with service, though this does not extend into every single facet of your being. You are free to do things and to accomplish things that are for your personal profit and gain. Count on the fact that others will help you do this, to the extent that you may need them. Be sure to observe who is responsive and who is not; who takes action and who does not. Those are the determiners of allegiance and friendship.  

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