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Special Focus: Libra Astrology 2024-2025. Space is Intelligence. Open Your Mind.

Special Focus: Libra Astrology 2024-2025. Space is Intelligence. Open Your Mind.

Libra solar returns are ongoing. This is an enhanced look ahead at 2024 and into 2024. Many of these themes are covered in the new Space is Intelligence: Astrology Studio for Libra 2023-2024.

The recording above is a preview of your Space is Intelligence reading for Libra. Here is the link to purchase. It comes with the chart I use, several years of past audio readings, and written materials as well.

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These readings are suitable for Libra Sun, Moon or rising.

Dear Libra Sun, Moon or Rising:

Good morning from rainy upstate New York.

A lot happens in a year, though to understand Libra astrology right now, it’s necessary to go out to 2025. That is when the emphasis shifts to your opposite sign Aries — and that is about you, because it’s your opposite sign. Sign pairs work as a single system; the goal of astrology is the integration of opposites.

The descriptions in this short article cover more ground than I do in Space is Intelligence, though all of the necessary groundwork is in the new reading.

Pluto Entering Aquarius

In the grand scheme, the most significant astrology for Libra over the next year is Pluto entering the air sign Aquarius. This will have sweeping effects for every person and all of society.

However, Libra is in the best position to benefit from this 20-year transit because Pluto will be in your 5th house of creativity, passion and what you can only get through taking a risk of some kind. Pluto drives the evolutionary impulse. It is the bottom line for long-term growth. And its entry into Aquarius will put you in contact with your creative drive like nothing ever has.

Equally helpful will be Pluto exiting Capricorn. Pluto moving through Capricorn for the past 15 years has driven what you might call “root chakra issues,” seemingly to no end. This has not been easy. You depend on solid ground, and for many years, the ground has been anything but. In fact, it’s seemed like you’ve been living in an earthquake zone.

The Influence of Saturn

Though this is not understood by most contemporary astrologers, Saturn is one of the ruling planets of Libra. Venus is your ruling planet as well, though that does not explain important elements of your character, such as how seriously you take life.

Through all of 2024, Saturn will be in Pisces, which is your house of work and wellbeing. This really means healing, and healing your relationship to work.

One of the most essential qualities of Libra is that your work must be creative. Pisces describes your activities, your ideal work environment, and the content of your work. It cannot be boring, rote, routine or stale. You must keep the waters fresh. Saturn will be pushing you to reckon with this fact about yourself.

The Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction of April 2024

One last for this introduction to your reading. There are several major conjunctions forming, and one occurs in April — the joining of Jupiter and Uranus. While it’s rare to describe an aspect as wholly positive, this one qualifies. Uranus brings a surge of energy to Jupiter, which can tend to be lazy. Jupiter, in turn, responds by opening up its benefits and its wisdom.

This takes place in Taurus, your 8th place of exchanges with others. This is a door opening, to contact, resources, and wisdom. It’s like a cosmic inheritance. Yet Taurus is of the physical world; the realm of human feelings and experiences.

The more you guide your life in the direction of your humanity and actual, in-person community, the more you will benefit from this event.

Major Events Coming in Aries

There are two life-shaping events developing in Aries, your solar 7th house of relationships. Aries in this placement describes why you identify so strongly with your relationships.

The 7th also tells you about the world you look at and move around within when you step outside of your door.

Aries is one of the most important “other signs” in your chart because astrology calls on us to integrate our opposite sign. This process will give you a whole new view of a rapidly changing world.

The two events are the conjunction of Saturn and Neptune, and that of Chiron and Eris. These are the renewals of major cycles that will change the world we live in, and help many people reclaim who they are from the ravages of digital “progress.”

Space is Intelligence: Astrology Studio for Libra

Learn about all of this in the Libra Studio reading for 2023-2024. It’s available right now. A generous sample is included above. Here is the link to purchase separately.

Thank you for your business and your trust.

With love,

"After listening to the Libra reading, I am absolutely impressed! Everything he said is what has been happening. The last year has been a tremendous challenge in pretty much all areas of my life, but the birthday reading gives me hope that I really am on the right track. Thank you, Eric!"

— S.R., on a previous Libra Studio

“I’m blown away. Flattened. Uplifted and Inspired. The stunning level of accuracy concerning what I’ve been going through — all of it seems like it was written precisely for me alone. And I’m so grateful, as I really need insight I can trust and utilize in very practical ways."
— L. Curren, on a previous Libra reading

“Man, I totally dug my Libra reading (I’m Libra Rising). Thanks Eric — truly transcendent and deep and inspiring. You’ve just added wind in my sails for 2023.”
— L. Kelly, on a previous Libra reading

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