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STARCAST: 9/11 astrology is worth knowing; a full reading is included.

STARCAST: 9/11 astrology is worth knowing; a full reading is included.

The chart for the North Tower strike is a classic example of mundane astrology. I will take you through it step by step. Also includes several past articles on the issue.

This article and podcast are open to all readers and listeners. I will be cross posting to the Chiron Return list, so you may get it twice. — efc

Under Construction in the late 1960s. For those of us who grew up in New York City in that era, this was a familiar sight, now all but forgotten.

Dear Friend and Reader:

I thought it’s time for a new look at the 9/11 chart. The quest of this whole business is reconciliation through seeking the truth. In this reading, I stick to the rules of classical horary astrology established around the 1st century AD.

However, I include Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (called “the modern planets”) in the reading, as they factor significantly (especially Pluto). I leave out all asteroids, Chiron, Eris, etc. (which are properly called “minor planets”).

It is tempting to say that the perpetrators used astrology to plan the event; but that is to misunderstand the purpose of astrology — which is to read events and see their hidden significance. There are factors in this chart timed within minutes that would have made precise time pre-planning logistically impossible, given the thousands of moving parts involved in organizing and executing such an event.

However, it is my assessment after long reflection that the term “9/11” was pre-planned and was first-rate marketing, of which we are reminded of every time we pull up behind an emergency vehicle.

The Saturn-Pluto Cycle

The events of Sept. 11 are part of a documented cycle of history involving Saturn and Pluto. When they get together, there are contraction events: rights are lost or taken from the people (“give backs,” as they are politely called); the government consolidates its power'; and generally, ordinary people are punished for actions they had no part in.

Don’t Look Back is a fairly recent article describing the Saturn-Pluto cycle that shows up in the 9/11 chart and the 2020 crisis. It’s a little long — though if you’re wondering what has happened the past three years, it will open up some possibilities for you.

Events in the Saturn-Pluto cycle recur every 35 or so years (sometimes more, sometimes less, due to oddities in Pluto’s orbit). There are two main events, Saturn conjunct Pluto (1982, 2020, 2053) and Saturn opposite Pluto (1947, 2001-02, 2035-36). Squares of Saturn and Pluto count, but they are generally not as dramatic and life-encompassing.

Wide Orbs of Influence

These aspects have effects years before and after the exact event; they also represent points of no return. Sequential events in the cycle often tie together, or carry forward both theme and subject matter. In the article, I quote Richard Tarnas extensively (from Cosmos and Psyche), who describes the qualities of the historical phases involved.

Astrology is not easy, and for most people, it’s not intuitive. It does not give up its secrets easy, but is worth focused study. Once you can formulate a question, you’re starting to understand the chart. You are invited to enter your questions in the comments below and I will respond as I can.

Be patient with yourself, and listen to the recording a couple of times with the chart in front of you — preferably, printed on solid paper, with a pencil in your hand.

Here is the chart I am reading, with and without my markings. Other versions of the chart are below, followed by a legend so you know what the symbols mean.

These charts include traditional planets plus Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Background Resources

History, Turning on a Phrase (addresses WTC7, and covers the astrology)

The Gingerbread House (analysis of 9/11 themes)

Call it What it Is (analysis of 9/11 themes)

Were It So (addresses the incident at the Pentagon, my first investigative article on the 9/11 incidents). Comments to the most recent Planet Waves FM open up the Pentagon discussion quite a bit; there are problems with the official theory that I was not aware of and that I learned last night.

Here are all three editions of Planet Waves FM that address the topic of 9/11. The most recent is the best.

Thinking Of You on Judgment Day (about the solar eclipse on Aug. 11, 1999)

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On the left, you have the basic chart with no minor planets (but including minor aspects). On the right, several added minor planets, also using minor aspects.

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