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Venus retrograde/direct charts in two formats, with audio presentation.

Venus retrograde/direct charts in two formats, with audio presentation.

These are chart resources for those who want to have a look for themselves. I've included a short audio to guide you through what I've included in the charts.

To students of astrology, astronomy, ethics or geomoetry —

These are the charts for Venus stationing retrograde and direct. I’ll be explaining and reading these charts in Thursday’s special edition of Planet Waves, which I’ll distribute to subscribers via this Substack, and on

The charts are cast in Kingston, which is my location; that is the tradition. The aspects all stay the same no matter where you cast for; what changes are the houses and the angles. I think that for charts like this (an astrological event without a specific location on Earth), the aspects are more significant than the houses, particularly since there is no question and little need to assign topical rulerships.

The set immediatly below is basic planets, inlcuding a few extra points but leaving out most of them. The aspcts in the very center wheel are the ones that are more difficult to see. Anyone can spot a square or a trine by looking at the degrees. Spotting a quintile or semi-square is a little more difficult — so I have the software draw those in.

Tap the graphic and you’ll be taken to ASU.

Below are my annotated charts — the ones I actually use. I am intersted in points added to the dominant aspect patterns using ‘major’ planets; as well as any minor planet patterns that stand out.

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This video is from The Philolosphy of Astrology available from Astrology Student Union.