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Planet Waves monthly horoscope for February 2024 + STARCAST on events thru mid-month.

Planet Waves monthly horoscope for February 2024 + STARCAST on events thru mid-month.

The Planet Waves horoscope is back with the February 2024 edition, plus a new article and STARCAST (article sent separately). SUBSTACK SUBSCRIBERS SCROLL DOWN FOR FEBRUARY EDITION!

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AQUARIUS FOR FEBRUARY 2024 — Pluto arrived in your sign two weeks ago, and is about to take a conjunction from Mars. This is an activating event, something that will tell you about this new stage of your life in a way you were not expecting. Pluto often works on a deep level, poised for an aspect from a nearby inner planet. That personalizes it, brings it close, and makes it real. Mars calls for action. It’s likely that you’ve come to a realization, long in the making, that is waiting for you to make a decision and put it into motion. You may sense what that is about now; you may feel like you don’t have enough information to make a decision. Therefore, it would be unwise to rush, or to pre-empt your natural process of discovery. Reliable information is likely to be the specific thing you’re missing. Hunches are not enough; I am talking about actionable data and an understanding of your situation. Meanwhile, the thing to do now is to be sure you know what you want. You are motivated to move mountains when you experience actual focused desire. There will be two parts to this: Mars enters your sign first, followed by Venus. Mars is concerned with fast action, and Venus with correct action. Remember.

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