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Planet Waves weekly horoscope for Feb. 15, 2024, by Eric Francis

Planet Waves weekly horoscope for Feb. 15, 2024, by Eric Francis

Here is the weekly horoscope and STARCAST, covering events surrounding the Sun's ingress into Pisces on Sunday. Lead article sent separately.

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Astrology Chalet. Photo by Eric Francis

ARIES — You may be discovering that the “global village” is not a friendly place. That is the world as transformed by digital consciousness. I know you’re probably reading this on a phone, which most people do not treat with a sense of philosophical inquiry. However, the chaotic, often nasty, truth-be-damned quality of the digital sphere is grinding at people’s souls. You may be noticing this in the chilly, hostile nature of the world. Yes, it’s true that individual perception counts for a lot. Smile and the whole world smiles with you. People are strange when you’re a stranger. However, you may find it productive to size up recent events of your social world (and possibly your professional world) by asking whether any of this would have happened before there was an internet. That said, there are tremendous rewards for those who figure out where they are and make it their business to orient themselves appropriately.

TAURUS — Listen for the gentle lure to new experience, rather than what has a lot of sparkle and pizazz. The concept of subtlety is becoming archaic, but it still exists for you. This may come as appreciation of details, and noticing the distinction of fine quality. Similarly, in the world of business and commerce, there is a marauding spirit that may be trying to get your attention. However, your leadership role is on the social level, and that is about weaving community and a spirit of friendship rather than conquering anything. Who knows what that is, besides an advantage? Your assignment is to keep it real, and to remain vulnerable in the face of adversity. You will have many opportunies to take advantage of people, because they trust you. No matter how worthy of trust you consider yourself, you must scrutinize your actions and your motives from moment to moment. You are the one who must hold yourself accountable.

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GEMINI — When the Sun enters Pisces next week, you’re likely to experience a step up in the world: in visibility, in opportunities and in your quest for success. Yet what I suggest you focus on is your level of commitment. It’s essential that you devote yourself to what you prefer and what you genuinely care about: what motivates you from within. There will be the temptation to do what is right because it’s right. You will want to respond to some of that, because for you commitment for its own sake offers a level of personal satisfaction. Yet in new endeavors, and in anything to which you may invest the majority of your time, preference and activity for the sake of pleasure is truly important. You have a high likelihood of success; you will do more of what you choose to do, and then when you’re up to your ears in success, at least you’ve chosen what you want. That said, your life has a way of choosing you.

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