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STARCAST Focus: Ceres-Eris Opposition on the lunar nodes was Sept. 3.

STARCAST Focus: Ceres-Eris Opposition on the lunar nodes was Sept. 3.

In last night's edition, I mentioned that a salient aspect of our moment is the Ceres-Eris opposition on the lunar nodes, in focus for weeks. A reader's letter has shined light on the aspect pattern.

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Demeter and Persephone celebrating the Eleusinian Mysteries. On the left Demeter, wearing the peplos and holding a scepter in her left hand, presents Triptolemus with sheafs of wheat, for him to give them to humanity. On the right Persephone, wearing the chiton and a cloak and holding a torch, blesses Triptolemus with her right hand. Votive relief. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.
Ceres, the purple question mark, is on the South Node; Eris, the red circle and arrow, is on the North Node; Pluto is at a right angle to the nodes; and also in the scenario are the Moon and Chiron. This event peaked on Sunday, Sept. 3.

Hi Eric, 

Listening to tonight’s program and reflecting about the conjunction of Ceres and the South Node, I think about the call to heal the trauma that keeps us in a state of separation from ourselves, others and the world around us.   It is a beautiful part of life to experience the relationship dynamics that Libra presents to all of us, but how easy is to lose ourselves in duality and separation. Just as you were mentioning last week, a damaged body cannot forgive.  We need to address our pain…

I see Eris on the other side, in conjunction to the the north node as a call to have the courage to collect our fragments, particularly those we feel more ashamed of. Move past duality and understand that we are one. That we do to others as we do to us. As your were saying last week, the  fear of healing we must face… 

How far can we go with our unhealed trauma is a question I always have.. but just as Ceres found resolution to her immense grief, I belief we all can find a way to heal.  The question is how or where to find the right support? 

The Eleusinian mysteries point towards an initiation ritual that involved deep transformation, a form of death.  The return of Persephone is another expression of how things can be so different but also fine when we have healed. 

We are in a death trap, desperately looking for a way to die so pain can stop …

I know the food we eat is essential. However, I see Ceres showing us that our ways have poisoned the food we eat. Ceres as the Goddess of grain is reminding us of the seeds we have planted…

Just some thoughts I share with you. 

Blessings ~ Amanda

PS - Remember this from Mathew?

It is not what goes into the mouth of a man that makes him unclean and defiled, but what comes out of the mouth; this makes a man unclean and defiles [him].

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