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Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for October 2023 by Eric Francis

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Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for October 2023 by Eric Francis

Today I have the October horoscope that covers the solar eclipse in Libra and the lunar eclipse in Taurus, along with a short podcast explaining the basics of the chart (and the current moment).
Love from New York. Photo by Eric Francis.

Dear Friend and Reader:

This post contains the extended monthly horoscope for October 2023. I introduced October last week with a set of readings based on the Libra equinox chart. The article about the chart is open access; the horoscopes lower on the same page are behind the paywall.

Today’s article is called Advertisement for Grief, and it addresses the planned Oct. 4 “test” of a national emergency broadcast system. There is no paywall. Be aware that your phone will do something strange at 2:20 pm EDT on Wednesday.

If you’re new and want to see a recent horoscope, try on the Sept. 14 weekly. There is an article above the horoscope — scroll all the way down.

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Truly, I don’t see any Substacks or astrology websites that care much about their visual aesthetic. It’s all “just there.” One distinction of Planet Waves has always been our photography, which is always fresh and immediate. At the moment, the Sun is moving through my 4th house (which is Libra), so I’m inviting you into my home.

But the bottom line is this: Nearly everyone subscribes because I’m the best, most passionate horoscope writer on the internet. I write horoscopes that work even if you don’t believe in astrology — because they are urbane, literate and relevant.

The Chart — Described in the Podcast Above

Let’s take a look at main chart I’m using — posted below. The lunar eclipse in Taurus comes into some of the readings, but mostly this set is based on the solar eclipse chart. I’m also preparing you for Pluto entering Aquarius in January.

OK that does it for today’s written materials; I’m going to record this podcast and move onto the Libra reading. You can get that here at the pre-order price, and listen to last year free.

Planet Waves for October 2023 — Libra Solar Eclipse

By Eric Francis

ARIES — We’re all on a quest for wholeness and sanity. Yet how can you seek those things in another unless you can find them in yourself? The fact of a relationship is no assurance of healing, awareness, or growth. It’s merely a place where these things might happen. Yet way too much emphasis is placed on relationships as a forum for self-improvement, or a place to seek the completion of a seemingly incomplete self — “my better half,” and all. It’s assumed this is what relationships are for. And it is no wonder that they are often so unstable, and then attorneys get involved. Someone may be showing you something about yourself right now, and it may even seem confrontational. Yet if you take the message and understand that this experience is a mirror, you will be much happier. This involves taking responsibility for yourself, your actions and your feelings. See if you can identify your projections: what you attribute to someone else that’s really your emotional and psychic property. Given recent alignments between planets in Aries and your opposite sign Libra, this has never been easier — even if it seems difficult. You don’t need to claim yourself incrementally; you’ve been doing that. Go the rest of the way in one jump, taking right, title and interest over yourself and your affairs.

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