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Special Report: Astrology of the 3/13/20 'National Emergency', starring Chiron and Eris

Today I've got a re-reading of the March 13, 2020 chart of the lockdown of the United States, ordered by Pres. Trump that Friday afternoon. Chiron, the holistic influence, is in the crosshairs.

Good afternoon from New York.

Today is the 4th anniversary of the covid lockdowns here in the United States. I have for you (on the unlikely chance that you want to go there) a short video review of the astrology from March 13, 2020, for the day and time that Pres. Trump declared an emergency and the crisis officially began.

The charts are below, as well as the resources promised in the video.

Collective Amnesia and Suppression of Grief

After this much time has passed, my assessment is that we are living in collective amnesia, forgetting what it was like to go from life-as-usual in a “free country” to something resembling a fascist state — in a matter of weeks. Just like that.

In that short moment of time, 4.4 billion people around the world were locked out of work, school, and university, and ordered to stay home, stay apart and cover their faces. Transit systems were shut down; the public was excluded from access to the government. This was all said to have been based on proven science.

The eminent Dr. Fauci recently admitted in congressional testimony that the social-distancing concept “sort of just appeared” and was not based on any science whatsoever.

The Beginning of Shock and Awe

The incredible speed with which this happened can be truly described as shock and awe. That alone “proved” that it was all real, and the sense of danger made people vulnerable to believing whatever they were told.

With photos like the one below circulating throughout the world, who wanted to argue? Who wanted to check the details?

Note, these people are wearing the kinds of Tyvec suits and respirators that painters in a body shop wear — but the visual effect is quite dramatic. Note the ordinary cleaning supplies. Were this for a claimed chemical incident, nobody would care — they never do.

Cleaning crew takes disinfecting equipment (which looks like ordinary cleaning supplies) into the Life Care Center on March 12, 2020 in Kirkland, WA. The crisis was based on the PCR, which cannot test for a virus, but is presented as an actual diagnostic tool. Photo by John Moore.

And we have not dealt with this, nor with all the damage that it has done — by which I mean spiritually, psychologically and emotionally. As with most things, we in the West and especially the United States suppress grief. As Sinaéd sang:

And if there ever is gonna be healing
There has to be remembering
And then grieving
So that there then can be forgiving
There has to be knowledge and understanding

When the United States locked down on March 13, by order of Pres. Trump, 41 people were said to have died of the “novel coronavirus.” The problem with that claim was, there was not a test for the virus (and there still is not), and nearly everyone who was said to have died had on average four other life-threatening diseases.

In Italy and England, the average age of death for “covid” was at or above life expectancy. What kind of pandemic is that?

When New York City locked down, there was just one person with a “covid positive” test. We do not know who that was, nor do we have any notion of their outcome.

Millions Paid by Bill Gates — His Chart Deserves a Fresh Look

The panic was instigated by open promises of megadeath by Anthony Fauci. And someone in England named Neil Ferguson, paid millions by Bill Gates, has the job of predicting mass casualties, which he (famously) always got wrong.

The authors of the first claimed “viral sequence,” a computer model called MN908947, were paid $900,000 again by Bill Gates.

In order to solve this problem, on March 25, CDC issued a guidance that allowed any death — with or without a “test” or symptoms — to be classified as a “covid death.” What was previously classified as “influenza” disappeared. Protocols in hospitals and nursing homes contributed to the scenario.

So, too, did the silencing of voices of those who asked common-sense questions, which even arch-conservatives like my father thought was suspicious. (In the past week, Planet Waves just had struck from our YouTube channel a video comparing human RNA to claimed viral RNA posted in April 2020. So it’s still going on.)

Charts and Resources

Let’s get back to the charts, which deserve more attention than I’ve given them. When this crisis emerged, as you know, I put my energy into understanding and writing about the technical and medical facets of the issue, and watched the astrology behind the scenes.

Here are the resources, followed by the charts:

What happened in Northern Italy, article by Michael Bryant for Planet Waves FM (with interview)

Covid Chronology by Planet Waves FM - Chiron Return. This covers 2002 through the end of 2020; then there is a separate volume for 2021

Don’t Look Back — my one article about the astrology of 2020, focusing on the events of January 2020 in China

Events of March 2020 documented contemporaneously by Covid19 News on Planet Waves. This is a VERY interesting page to read.

Four-year anniversary of the chronology, video treatment

Also: Nailing the Virus and the Test Issues in One Article

Above charts for the “national emergency” show two different aspect patterns. To the left is the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto-Eris pattern, which was under maximum focus in January 2020.

To the right is the nodes-Chiron-Pholus pattern, with Chiron square the lunar nodes — indicating that everything would depend on how we collectively handled the healing crisis.

In terms of understanding the dynamics of these two relatively new placements (Chiron discovered 1977, Eris discovered 2005), we have a tremendously significant mundane chart. Chiron brings in the healing dimension and Eris brings in both the chaos factor and also the digital factor.

Every facet of the 2020 crisis involved digital technology, which I have covered in this video. (I was flown to Thailand last year to give my presentation on digital conditions.)

Keep in mind that the April 8 eclipse squares all of the major factors in this chart, from Aries to Capricorn. This chart is at a major turning point; that means so, too, is our response and reaction to the crisis. We are at a turning point on this whole matter. As usual, I encourage those who think I might have a clue to do one thing, which is to be real about all of this.

Anyway — this could be an interesting astrology book. I would be happy to entertain and respond to your questions entered in the comments. Be bold. The simplest questions can contain profound insights.

With love,

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