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Under a Virgo Sky, with Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope

Under a Virgo Sky, with Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope

Venus is direct. The Moon is waning toward new. Mercury will be retrograde till right after the New Moon; the interior Mercury/Sun conjunction was Wednesday.
Mighty echinacea (coneflower) at Vinny’s Farm Stand. Photo by Eric Francis.

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The Light in Virgo, and All Those Retrogrades

Dear Friend and Reader:

Virgo sunlight is unusual. I don’t know what it is, though it’s a whole different shade of illumination than even weeks earlier in the summer. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the days are growing shorter as we approach equinox.

The Sun’s arc across the daytime sky is lower, and the degree of sunrise is creeping south along the horizon. You can watch it day-by-day make its trek along the Catskill Mountains as seen from a reservoir nearby.

The air is thick and still, with the feeling of the last weeks of summer camp. Here in New York, it’s a lush time of year.

The little Rx symbol means the planet is retrograde. It is a kind of a prescription, which is to focus inwardly and address matters of the past sincerely.

Many Planets Retrograde

I’ve seen some commentary about how many retrograde planets there are. The reason for this is that most of the slow-movers are to one side of the Sun. In order, they are Uranus, Jupiter, Eris, North Node, Chiron, Neptune, Nessus, Saturn, Pluto and Pholus.

These are all bodies that are retrograde every year for several months; they just happen to be close together at the moment, spanning about 120 degrees of the sky.

The effect may be uncomfortable: a calling to be introspective in a time when we are being sucked out of ourselves and our inner awareness by the digital environment. It may also seem difficult to make progress, in the outer sense. Yet there is plenty of progress to be made on the interior aspects of existence, which are now more important than ever.

There is much inner work to be done — and most people are dismissing it. This was true before the iPhone, but it’s never been easier to avoid yourself, your feelings or the necessities of growth. These include addressing the past, rather than living in it.

Reeds, rushes and wildflowers grow in moist soil along the Empire State Trail, next to the Hudson River, in Kingston, New York. Photo by Eric Francis.

Venus Direct, Mercury Interior Conjunction

On Sunday, Venus stationed direct in Leo. We now have the retrograde scenario, which began July 22, playing out in reverse (direct motion). Venus will be in Leo until Oct. 8, when it enters Virgo. Total time in Leo will have been about four months.

On Wednesday, we experienced the interior conjunction of Mercury and the Sun; that was the peak of Mercury retrograde (Aug. 23 through Sept. 15). The interior conjunction happened at the same time as the last quarter Moon in Gemini.

The Sun is now at the midpoint of Virgo, about 15 degrees from the Libra ingress. The Moon is waning toward conjunction with the Sun, the Virgo New Moon, which takes place Thursday, Sept. 14. The next day, Mercury stations direct. From there, it’s about eight days till the equinox.

Virgo is the time of the harvest. What is called “second planting” (Lúnasa, an early harvest celebration) was the first week of August (with the Sun at mid-Leo). There are now a series of harvest holidays, leading into new year events; the turning point is Samhain (sah-wen), which we call Halloween, or the final harvest. It’s also the earliest New Year event, marking the end of the Celtic year.

Venus Stationed Direct, Square Jupiter

One feature of Venus retrograde has been a series of squares to Jupiter. Said in plain English, Jupiter is in Taurus, and Venus is in Leo. Both are fixed signs.

That implies a 90-degree angle, which is emotionally tense, pushy and may not have its priorities in order. The tendency with any square to Jupiter is exaggeration, and squares involving Venus emphasize the feeling of need.

The three dates of the squares were June 11, Aug. 22 and then the last one on Sept. 17. Maybe those dates are meaningful to you.

Probably geraniums, at Vinny’s Farm Stand. Photo by Eric Francis.

Eris Opposite Ceres, on the Nodes

There is one setup that I’ve been meaning to mention, and will comment here and in STARCAST. This is the opposition of Ceres (the largest asteroid, comprising one-third the mass of the inner belt) and Eris (the planet that caused the ‘demotion of Pluto’). Ceres is on the South Node and Eris is on the North Node.

The essence of Ceres is sustenance. The essence of Eris is disruption (of identity, and everything else) due to digital conditions. The essence of the nodes is emphasis, often on a large scale. I am perceiving that there is nervousness in the air, some expectation that a new disaster is about to be sprung on us.

Many are watching the financial markets and the value of currency — and the currency issue generally. Others are concerned about a digital event.

The astrology says to keep an eye on food. I don’t think hoarding is the answer; you will never know when you have to start using it, and very few things keep their quality for months or years. In the immediate run, I would say: get your diet right.

Learn how to eat what your body thrives on rather than what you crave. Look around and you will see the retail food environment is flooded with rice, wheat, corn and potatoes. Aisle after aisle everywhere from the smallest convenience store to the biggest supermarket.

Photo by Eric Francis. I would rather shop at Vinny’s Farm Stand.

Horoscope is Below; PWFM Planned for Friday

I’ve taken all of the above into account for your weekly readings below. These apply to Sun and rising sign, and to many, your Moon sign. But there is something in every entry for everyone.

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