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Planet Waves Weekly for March 28

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Note to Readers — We have corrected an error in Aries.

Monthly horoscope for April is here.


Note carefully the way the physical work turns out to be different from how you imagine it to be. You’re getting to witness the stark contrasts between fantasy and reality, in the most practical sense. You can measure the differences in how your expectations match up with results. Yet I would propose a question: to what extent is any resistance you experience a factor in your mind, or a factor in the material world? You have an opportunity to test that out. It’s easy to see things as externals, and more difficult to see them as internals. So at least experiment and test the theory that your approach to an obstacle is what makes it easier or more difficult to pass through. On the internal route, you may even discover that any barrier is not really in your way. And, like driving a car, know when to apply the accelerator and when to apply the brakes.

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It’s challenging for you to sort out your self-image from how you think others perceive you. Yet if you can do this, you will find yourself in one of the most liberated states you’ve ever experienced. You don’t need to be a slave to perception, to belief, to judgment, or to admiration. Who you are is beyond all of those things — and since you cannot alter your true being, the seeming judgements and opinions of others do not matter. That one concept — that you are who you are, beyond anyone’s viewpoint (including your own) has the potential to offer you true liberation. You’ve seen enough times how relying on the affirmations of others leads you into situations where you don’t quite know how to handle criticism. Yet you are always your own worst critic, and you would do yourself a great favor by figuring out that your critiques do not change anything in reality; they only slow you down at your best possible moments.


Now is not the time to rush your professional plans. Slow down, reconsider, rethink and revise. There are moving parts in four different angles of your solar chart (as well as your natal chart), and one of them involves career and reputation. Yet I would propose that the future in this sense is the least of your concerns right now. To mind that particular garden, make sure you are up to date on your existing commitments and responsibilities, and defuse conflicts before they happen. And resist what may be a strong temptation to make promises that you cannot keep, based solely on your idealism. Instead, emphasize the social and spiritual realms of your life, by which I mean your inner work as well as cultivating and developing sincere connections with those around you. Over the coming weeks, you can make bonds that will last a lifetime, and discover your role as a healer in the social realm. You, like few others can bring people together – so I suggest you create some opportunities to do so.

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Cosmic influences are thundering in through two different angles of your chart: the first could be described as spiritual (via Pisces) and the other worldly (via Aries). You may be facing questions of what to emphasize; for example, a dilemma of healing something from the past or taking new territory in the present (which includes aspiring to great things in the future). The key is to do both at once, which is to say, recognizing that they are aspects of the same thing. In all of your present choices, you have the option to recognize past mistakes and conduct yourself differently now. Yet keep one thing in mind: theoretical concerns about your mission in life, or your past history, are the most likely to be resolved by doing something meaningful in the present. Only you can answer the question of whether you “should” be doing something — either by doing it, or not. There is freedom, the concept, and freedom in what you dare to actually do.


Think carefully about what you owe others. Most of this would rightly include promises and commitments you’ve made, whether financial, moral or emotional. Be absolutely real with yourself about the ways you’ve extended yourself. Now, for the second metric: what expectations do people have of you? List those carefully, and ask whether those expectations are grounded. Last, what promises have people made to you — on the important matters, again — financial, moral or emotional. Do the expectations you have of those people match their commitments? And are those commitments fulfilled? I am recommending a kind of personal auditing process where you size up the energy flowing into and out of your life. You must know exactly what you signed up for, and what you did not sign up for. With that knowledge in hand, it will be a lot easier to make decisions about what to do about it. But it will be difficult or wholly frustrating unless you understand the nature of the commitments in your life.


There seem to be two distinct storylines to your intimate life — one full of sweetness and promise, and the other looking a little fraught. But don’t speak too soon, for there are several wheels still in spin. Let the situations develop with as little emotional involvement as you can. The underlying theme of your life at this time is defining yourself in a way that does not make relationships a primary orientation for who you are. So the ups and downs and sideways movements of romantic or partnership situations are emerging as far less crucial to your wellbeing than they have been for most of your life — a message you’ve been receiving for quite some time. What you need is enough space around you – both physical and emotional – to be who you are, which is a work in progress. So that means the ongoing freedom to grow and change without ruffling anyone’s feathers. Or maybe with ruffling them, but it won’t matter nearly as much.


You have a cautious side, and then there is the side of you that knows that you can only accomplish something by taking a risk. Right now, the risk is that of standing apart from people who may approve of you and like you the way you are. In fact this is the one thing that anything you could possibly do that qualifies as “creative” has in common — to do it, you must take a step apart or away from your friends. That does not mean losing them; it means that they don’t get a vote if you want to experiment with a new way of being. There are some social circles that are extremely inflexible and judgmental; there are others that just apply pressure to be ordinary. You want the friends who are thrilled you’re doing something all your own (without any jealousy). Yet you can only find out who you are, and who other people are, by following your own motives and inner guidance.

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There is a tremendously important eclipse arriving in Aries, your 6th place of work and wellbeing. This emphasizes that for you there is such a thing as “right action.” Yet at the same time, planets are gathering and dancing around in your fellow water sign Pisces — your 5th place of creativity and pleasure. Mars in Pisces is motivating you to indulge yourself. The spiritual exercise of the moment is learning how to purge and release all guilt, misgivings, or regrets about living your life the way you want. There seems to be an authority factor hanging around, breathing down your back (Saturn, for example). That can be converted into the day-to-day discipline to do your thing your way (and it takes nothing else). The regret factor is a centaur called Nessus, which is about taking full ownership of the consequences of your choices and your actions. The key here is to get out of the gray area. If you take action, be honest with yourself about why you’re doing so. Please scrap the notion that anyone makes you do anything.


Do not look to others for some indication of what you should do, or how you should be. The planet associated with your relationships, Mercury, begins a retrograde phase in a few days, and the flake factor may be exaggerated. Give others room to do their thing and make what you will think of as mistakes. Yet the retrograde also points you inward to the boldest and most creative angle of your chart — your inner art studio, playroom or workout area. This is about you focusing inwardly on what is the most meaningful to you, and what you feel driven to do with what may feel like the hormonal intensity of a teenager. Another word for that is passion, accented by curiosity. You are blessed to have these things in abundance, and all you need to do is give yourself permission to let them guide and motivate your choices, including what you do every day.


The recent lunar eclipse has come with a revelation about what you want to be doing — that is, your sense of mission and purpose in the outer world. Well, perhaps revelation is too strong of a word: more like a significant clue, with information about what you don’t want to be doing. It may take some time to focus on your affirmative goal, as you have a few other priorities right now, most of them involving your inner life or family life. It will be wise to keep your focus there, and then gradually expand outward. When it comes time to take action, your best clue will be easy-to-follow logic. You will not need to shoehorn a decision, and your intuition will confirm your choice rather than lead you to hesitate. This is “the thing to do” territory — and looking back, you may notice that this same principle has been guiding you for a while. You only run into trouble when you try to “make something make sense,” instead of noticing whether it does.


The feeling of Pluto in your sign is a whole new experience contrasted with Pluto in Capricorn. This could be the topic of a pretty good essay or even a short book, but you’ve been through a long, long gestation and birthing process and are now standing firmly in the territory of an entirely new idea of who you are. Yet there’s no moss growing through your toes — events of April will take you step by step into many new experiments in being. Your sign is often associated with ideas, and you identify strongly with them. I would propose an alternative to that: hitch your wagon to your curiosity. You might say that’s the opposite of an idea: a mind in search of something unusual, uncertain and not yet solidified. Psychic mobility will serve you amazingly well. Cultivate a little insecurity, and practice the art of never being so confident that you’re sure of what may be wrong.


Some things are true, and many other things can appear true. Make sure you know the difference, and understand when the appearance is enough. At this time in your life, practice the fine art of spin control, or distributing information on a need-to-know basis. While you’re doing so, it’s essential that you remain honest with yourself in all things at all times. Be sure that any part of any viewpoint you express selectively is wholly consistent with the whole truth. Listen and read carefully the words of others — and when you reply, be precise in your responses, without embellishing or making assumptions. This may make you think like a lawyer, which is to say in a precise, logical way that is designed to get the result you want. It will help, therefore, if you know and bear in mind exactly what that outcome is — and consider it first and foremost in every point of decision that you may encounter.

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