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STARCAST SPECIAL :: Understanding Pluto in Aquarius and Sedna+Jupiter in Gemini

2024 Astrology — Two New Videos

[Planet Waves on Substack] Weekly Horoscope for Dec. 28, 2023 by Eric Francis

What I’m Doing on my Winter Vacation...

Open Access :: January 2024 Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope by Eric Francis

Southern Solstice: Sun Enters Capricorn

Solstice Preview; 2024+ Annual Readings Update

Remembering Erin Sullivan

Does anyone else do astrology this carefully?

[Planet Waves on Substack] Weekly horoscope with STARCAST for Dec. 14, 2023

Planet Waves weekly horoscope with STARCAST for Dec. 7, 2023

Journey Without Distance Update

Band on the Run turns 50 today

Planet Waves for December 2023

Humanity Meets Technology, Pluto Meets Aquarius: Six Astrological Events of 2024

Planet Waves Astrology for Nov. 30, 2023

STARCAST for Nov. 30, 2023

Something special for Pluto fans

No Thanksgiving Day is complete without Alice's Restaurant

Welcome to Deep Space: Sun Enters Sagittarius

Open Access Planet Waves Monthly for November 2023

Last moments of Scorpio; Venus opposite Chiron

PWFM Special Supplement: A few ideas about sex for young men, their parents and their friends

Somewhere In Between :: Pluto Into Aquarius

Planet Waves for Nov. 16, 2023 by Eric Francis

Journey Without Distance :: Beyond belief, opinion and theology, and into experience

Hang Loose: Standoffish New Moon in Scorpio is Taking Shape

Planet Waves for Nov. 9, 2023 by Eric Francis

One more week out for Journey Without Distance

Of Jonah and Henrietta

Planet Waves Weekly for Nov. 2, 2023

One other PS

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Planet Waves for November 2023

New PWFM covers the lunar eclipse in Taurus — plus my definition of astrology and an introduction to Egyptian tantra.

Journey Without Distance is silent this week

PWFM :: Everything is not a lie. The backstory of Palestine. The Flat Earth thing. Will AI 'girlfriends' ruin a generation of young men?

You Can’t Count on the Worst Always Happening

Planet Waves Weekly for Oct. 19, 2023

Somewhere In Between

Journey Without Distance: What would happen in a world without guilt and shame?

Another year, another war. Stefano Scoglio on the nonexistence of graphene. But is it journalism? Introduction to 'rapo'.

Ahead of the Libra eclipse

Note to scribal types with a request about copy verification on Thursday afternoons

Why do things keep getting worse?

Planet Waves for Oct. 12, 2023 by Eric Francis

Journey Without Distance: Sex, Sexual Healing and A Course in Miracles.

STARCAST eclipse in Libra special update

Passage of time in a timeless world

Special Focus: Libra Astrology 2024-2025. Space is Intelligence. Open Your Mind.

Planet Waves for Oct. 5, 2023

Special Focus: Scorpio Astrology 2024-2025

Now we know: The fake alien invasion will be announced by text message

STARCAST :: Mars opposite Eris — The quest for sanity and wholeness; and today's planned FEMA/FCC drill

Journey Without Distance: From Chögyam Trungpa to the Principles of Miracles

Space is Intelligence: Astrology Studio for Libra is ready. Generous preview enclosed.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for October 2023 by Eric Francis

Advertisement for Grief

STARCAST: Venus-Juno-Uranus: Shock to Relationships. Mars-Eris: Account for Projection

Journey Without Distance: The spiritual crisis of our times. How to notice when something is missing.

My Visit With Athena + October Monthly Horoscope, Part One.

Libra Studio 2022-2023: Anyone may listen at no cost.

Journey Without Distance: Remembering Your Inner Source

Sun opposite Neptune: sublime Full Moon

Virgo, Pisces & the Corruption of Healing. Weekly Readings from Planet Waves.

STARCAST :: Weird Astrology Moment

Journey Without Distance: Nothing I See Means Anything

NOTE — If you are having any difficulty getting the 9/11 STARCAST to play...

STARCAST: 9/11 astrology is worth knowing; a full reading is included.

The September 11 Incident: How Exactly Did That Happen? Return to Love Canal.

STARCAST Focus: Ceres-Eris Opposition on the lunar nodes was Sept. 3.

Under a Virgo Sky, with Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope

Journey Without Distance: ACIM is a Psychological Process

Welcome to the Mountains

Getting Woke to Woke: The Shifting Ground of Being. Attempted Covid Revival. Conversation with Tom Lynn.

Venus Turns Around: Planet Waves September Monthly Horoscope.

Behind the Green Veil: Astrology Studio for Virgo (sample — first 20 minutes)

Journey Without Distance: The Fear of Healing — A Course in Miracles.

For Review, or if You Missed it: August Horoscope, Open Access

Pisces Full Moon, conjunct Karma

Return from Thailand. On-the-Ground Report from Maui. Truth, Heard and Spoken. Tantra Studio: He, She, and In Between

Planet Waves Astrology for Aug. 24, 2023 — Weekly Horoscope and More

Living at the Edge

Pictures of a timeless world

STARCAST Astrology Update; Integrity Alert — Slippery When Wet

Journey Without Distance

From New York: STARCAST for Sunday, Aug. 20 — Sun in Virgo, Mercury retrograde, and more.

Update: Astrology Et Al

STARCAST from the Arctic Circle to Bangkok: Venus conjunct the Sun

Joe Mercola ousted (debanked) by Chase. The elusive Dr. David Martin interviewed about 'viruses' by Alec Zeck.

Planet Waves Extended Horoscope for August 2023

Summoning the Curious

The Planet Waves FM HIV/AIDS edition. Media history with Joan Shenton. Exposing the sham of PrEP drugs with Rebecca Culshaw Smith.

'Sol Retrieval' and the Solar Feminine: Introduction to the Venus Retrograde Horoscope

Just for fun: What if the Moon landing happened? My 2019 article.

Venus retrograde/direct charts in two formats, with audio presentation.

Cancer New Moon square Eris: Where Humanity Meets the Robot.

Arrest of Rex Heuermann in Gilgo Beach serial killings in New York

Venus Retrograde, Part One: Whatever Happened to Common Sense? Plus your weekly horoscope.

Mid-1950s Transit Alert

Bucky Fuller: Brilliant Chart, Soulful Man

KNOWLEDGE is power: The End of Covid begins TODAY

Sage and Spirit (and your weekly horoscope)

A new horoscope — and a holistic health education video series.

Digital and AI — From Disenchantment to the New Enchantment

Update for Cancer Sun, Moon and Rising

Are you in the Hudson Valley?

Northern Solstice: Points of Orientation

Introducing Astrology Student Union — new from Planet Waves

Easter Island, Makemake & Rapa Nui :: An Astrological Inquiry

The Planet Waves writers' room

My Best Astrology Articles, Part One

What is the role of astrology in your life? How do you use it?

Our mission covering scientific fraud is not over. But today, we're wrapping up Covid19 News.

June Monthly Horoscopes: Mind, Matter & Feeling — Fixed Sign Astrology

What is a horoscope?

Our solemn promise to you: Planet Waves has something special to offend everyone.

Events of May, and Your Monthly Horoscope: Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter on the Move

May monthly horoscope coming soon. April's horoscope is included here for everyone.

If I discovered astrology today, I would probably not be interested. But what exactly is it?

Work In Progress: Astrology Learning Project

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Here at the Edge of Time

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